What an Eyesore

The other day I headed into Hyjal to collect the last few pieces of my Tempest Regalia set although little did I know, the belt and boots were such an awful fit. Funnily enough, they look just like the Absolution pieces from the  Absolution Regalia set. I mean, what’s with that?


Thankfully I had something else I could use from my mage’s wardrobe but I’m also not a fan of covering the sleeves so here she is using an alternate pair of gloves, belt and boots.


I kind of miss the eight-piece sets but it’s moments like these I’m thankful for transmog.


    • It is and thanks :)

  1. The Warlock’s “Malefic” set has the same problem with the belt. The boots aren’t too bad, but the belt is really off. I also wish they would bring back the 8-piece sets, or at least, make it that tier stays the same (5-piece) but a valid matching belt/boots option is available. I mean, t-mog is great! I love it! But it would be nice not to have to…

    • It’s just funny how they call it an 8-pc set when it doesn’t entirely match but you’re right you shouldn’t need to mog all the time if you actually like the set.


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