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There are so many things I’d like to accomplish in-game and it would be so easy for some but for many, I’m still left wanting. Sure there are times when all the stars align and I can get things done (when other people are involved) but the activities which require one or two people are what keep me going most of the time.

Why is it when something bad happens and you feel like a failure from a guild collapse, you don’t always find support from the few you thought were your friends? Sure there were a couple who gave me my space at a time when I needed anonymity but there were others who left me feeling abandoned while in the security of their own ‘real’ guild. It seemed like most of them only used us just to get some raid time on their alts (as that was the only time we would see them). Then there was the individual who used our guild to get their legendary only to leave one week shy of achieving that goal and giving credit to his girlfriend’s guild. It actually makes me wonder if he used his ‘mental issue’ in the weeks leading up to it as an excuse. I’d like to think not but who really knows except him and his conscience.

I understand people have moments when they just don’t want to raid but even with one person absent in a small guild (especially a tank) can cripple a raid. When you tell a guild member you just didn’t feel like getting on and then later telling the GM and raid leader ‘my son cut his foot open’ is just not on.

It’s moments like these which force me to be a lot more cautious when it comes to asking other people for help. This is why I’m left with one scenario and one dungeon achievement as it requires group coordination. As I mentioned before, I had asked someone early on if they’d be interested in doing challenge modes but they said they should finish the challenges with their initial group first which was understandable. Since then I’ve tried getting together with another friend but it didn’t quite work out the evening we planned to do it. This included getting on an hour early and waiting due to my excitement.


Fast forward to the present and we’ve completed two challenge modes with two different groups. On the plus side, we managed to get silver on both runs but it hasn’t quite worked out ranging from the group makeup to the level of commitment from the members. I spent so much time optimising my set, making sure I was fully enchanted and gemmed with food/potions/flasks and whatever else I could do to maximise my level of success but after our last attempt, I’m not sure how viable it is when at least one individual doesn’t at least enchant and gem their gear.

I was adamant about doing this without having to pay for the runs but with the impending removal of the privilege soon, I may have been left coveting the set from afar. I’ve looked at various sites which sell the runs but it’s still difficult to accumulate that much gold. I never expected to be carried through these runs and I’m not happy about paying but it looks like that’s what I’ll have to do.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. I can’t help with challenge modes or anything but I have done that heroic dungeon achieve with a random group and I’d be happy to help with it at some point.
    I know the feeling of having a hard time getting together a trusted and friendly group for things that require more than a couple of people, so I wish you luck!

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  2. I can help with your scenarios and dungeons! CMs are hard, I would like to help but since I can only do certain times and I can only heal (my dps is abyssmal!) I feel like I’m not very useful… oh and the other hard thing – Cool sleeps when I am online playing! And I know you don’t like doing things when he’s not on – otherwise I reckon you could have gotten heaps of stuff done.

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    • Thx for offering and I do appreciate you inviting me to do CMs early on but yep the big (especially new) stuff I do like doing with Cool and I know we both wanted this especially. The achievements he doesn’t really care about.

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  3. My horde alt (can’t seem to copy/paste or I’d link his armory) isn’t optimized for challenge modes at all but I could help you out if you needed someone (shadow/disc like my main, Orthio on A52). Could also help with achievements.

    Can add Balkoth#1847 if you want, won’t be offended if you don’t.

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    • Thx for the offer but I’ve agreed to bite the bullet. It’s been a pretty draining week building up the gold but it looks like we’ll all walk out with something good.

      Always good to meet another priest though, particularly one that plays both specs I like. :)

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  4. There are so many ways to get this done – OQ or openraid for example – but even so paying for them isn’t’t different to buying pets or mounts from the AH. Then someone offered to help but then you criticized them for not being prepared when they were trying to help – is that fair to them for giving you some of their time rather than being grateful that they tried to help? Paying for your golds seems like the best way for your personality.

    It is unfortunate that you feel the victim with your guild collapse but one of the other criticisms I heard was that you disbanded the guild and kept all the gold and donations which you can use towards the cost of the runs. Good luck.

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    • Actually we offered to help three people work on theirs while we achieved the same goal but since nothing happened after our initial meet (two arranged time frames were cancelled due to other commitments from their end), we decided to go ahead and get ours done. The intention was to continue helping them until they completed their gold too.

      In relation to your other point, that was the only cause of concern from that individual which only shows what was important to them, even after further attempts at contact and sending him the materials he wanted only to have it returned by mail.

      It’s not like I didn’t let people know what was happening. I explained it to all of the guild members beforehand. The rogue leaving was just the last straw, as opposed to a couple of others causing constant drama.

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  5. I know people who had good experiences with openraid. But cym should get her achievement spams today so that will be good :)

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