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The first time I saw the Blood Elf Orphan during BC, I thought she was one of the cutest things in the game so I always made an effort to pick one up for Children’s Week. I was particularly excited to see the event commence on my birthday and was happy to show her a few of my favourite locations.

Even though the event is now over, I still wondered what the Pandaren counterpart would include so feel free to join in with me. All you have to do is come up with three locations and a reward.

Whenever I feel like a bit of rest and relaxation, I head to one of my absolute favourite spots in Tian Monastery, as featured in my Adventures of Cymre Jones video. Personally, I’d love to see a lily pond in my garrison but even if that never happens, I know where I can go for some scenic beauty.

BE orphan hearth BE orphan lillies

Then there’s the Ambermarsh in Townlong Steppes. I remember thinking it was some sort of magical wonderland during my exploration of the beta.


Lastly, the Serpent Spine roll track was always fun, especially when you get the Roll Club achievement.

Serpent Spine

As a reward I’d still love to see one of these glow flies in my collection. I mean it wouldn’t even have to battle.


So what about you?

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  1. Now I wish I hadn’t missed it this year. I don’t think I could improve on your spots but I’d have to take her to the BMAH too. Not so much for the BMAH but because I love the spot.

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    • That is a scenic spot, especially from the lookout!

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  2. I’ve been thinking about this since you made this post, and I’m not quite sure which way I most want to go with the idea.

    I fancy taking a Pandaren kid around to visit each of the August Celestials at their temples. I also think it’d be pretty cool to take a Pandaren kid up to the Peak of Serenity to see the monks training. Then there’s that kid at the fishing village in Krasarang Wilds who has the huge goldfish in a pool — a Pandaren orphan would probably enjoy visiting him! And perhaps we could take them to Paoquan Hollow to see the Hidden Master.

    I’ve also been thinking about copying the Northrend orphans with hozen & jinyu kids from the Jade Forest. You’d pick them up at Dawn’s Blossom. I think a hozen kid might want to visit Mung-Mung to see the hozen who is so well respected that he’s actually on the Tillers’ council! The tomb of the Monkey King up in Kun-Lai would also be a good place to go with a hozen child. But I don’t know the jinyu well enough to think of what a jinyu child might want to see.

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    • I had a similar idea with visiting the aspiring angler kid and the jinyu/hozen version would be a good one too. Thanks for sharing your ideas :)

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