OLRG Strikes Again

This week, OLRG hit the ground running with some old raids on Horde so I was really looking forward to going with them. Many of the usual suspects were there like Matty, Kamalia, Helke, and Taik but there were also quite a few I didn’t recognise so if you happened to be there, let me know in the comments below.

I had asked Matty the night before if there was anything on the agenda and she replied there were a few suggestions but to add my own if I had anything in mind. Needless to say, I suggested ULD but with Daylight Savings ending early this morning, I was a little unsure of the starting time so I set my alarm for 9am as a reminder. Little did I know, I would still wake up at 8am so I logged into the laptop to see if I could confirm the raid time. I was happy to see Matty on through the Battle.net launcher and asked her to confirm the start time. Phew, one hour to go.

An hour later, I logged in to find them already in ULD so I joined them on the way to Ignis. I was especially excited to try ULD25 for another chance at the Soulscribe or Starshard Edge for my Stargazer outfit. Kamalia even told me she’d be taking her Pali so she wouldn’t be rolling against me. Luckily for her she won hers on my run for completing Val’anyr.

When we headed to Council, achievements were mentioned as they decided which one they would go for. As the last council member died, Kam told me my dagger had dropped. OMG! I was excited to see it again but had a mini ‘What the’ moment when I noticed I couldn’t roll need; I admit I didn’t notice the stats since I’m so used to the caster versions above.

Enter Matty who asked everyone to pass so I could have it. <3 Little did we realise Algalon would drop another just as we joked a few moments before. My shoulder token also dropped (two in fact) which was the last piece I need to compete my set but they went to two other lucky individuals. Grats to whoever won those.


As you can see, I even managed to walk out with a couple of new achievements during Thorim and Yogg. Next came BWD with a premature pull and subsequent wipe (where I kind of lost my bearings after being teleported to the spirit healer). It was so long since I’d done the place, it was like waking up after a nap.

Things went pretty smoothly after that. It was especially great to knock Achieve-a-tron off the list since I was so close to completing it when it was still current content.


Thanks for the laughs guys and girls. See you all next time.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Congrats again! I’m so glad the star dagger dropped for you! :D

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    • Thx, I look forward to wearing my blue mog with the dagger :D

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  2. So glad you got that dagger – it is stunning. That was grand fun, as always. I plan on doing many more Horde side- that B. Elf of mine needs some style!

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    • Thanks and that sounds good. BE’s are such fashionistas.

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  3. Grats again on that dagger! I’m so glad we got it to drop for you. It’s gorgeous.

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  4. Well, it’s always fun to run with OLRG.. glad to be able to experience that… congrats on achievements and drops for transmog cym.

    I guess can’t run with you guys anymore coz I don’t have a horde toon. Good luck then :(

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    • They still do Alliance runs so I’m sure you’ll be joining them again.

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  5. I was there part of the time as Bombelina! I’ve gotten myself into a Challenge Mode group, though, so I had to leave before we finished Ulduar. (We’ve got just one dungeon left, though, so some day my Saturdays shall be free-er once more.)

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    • Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up. I wasn’t sure whose voice was whose in some cases (and the toons that went with them).

      Yes, I heard you had a CM to go to. Hope it went well for you.

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      • We successfully knocked out Stormstout Brewery (I may or may not experience traumatic, horrible flashbacks the next time LFD droips me in there), and are now working on the last one left, Scarlet Monastery. Right now, get Korloff down, but then we get ourselves killed in the cathedral before reaching Durand/Whitemane. I can almost see the mog on the other side …

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    • Thanks Tome, you were missed too but I hope your mum is ok.

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