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With you being able to build a third profession area – what are you likely to choose? Have you got all professions covered by alts so are just going to focus on money making? Did you take professions specifically for mounts/raiding or some other purpose but didn’t really want to? Is there a profession you want for specific reasons?

garrison gemsOver the last two expansions, I’ve focussed on levelling all the professions over my family of alts. The only one I didn’t have at the beginning of MoP was blacksmithing.

About a week ago, I changed one of my primaries from enchanting to engineering. This was mainly for the ‘fun’ factor and items which will improve my gameplay like the portable mailbox and vendor. I do tend to use my Argent Gruntling a lot but with a 4hr CD, it left me needing a more frequent option. It also allows me to vendor inside a raid or dungeon when I can’t summon my mammoth inside of one.

During the last Artcraft edition, I was interested in learning more about personalising our garrison but in terms of professions, here’s what we know:

For the profession hubs, we wanted the player to be able to experience leveling up their chosen professions not only with skill points, but also visually through their Garrison. As the player progresses, each profession hub will level up, and the associated building will become more visually impressive. We treated each profession hub as an opportunity to describe the NPC who works there—how neat or messy they are, how they might work, and how they’ll grow with you as you level up your Garrison. We also thought it would be fun to throw in small hints of different races that might be associated with certain professions, such as draenei for Jewelcrafting or dwarves for Blacksmithing, to tie in the many races that give the World of Warcraft its depth and history.

– Jay Hwang, Senior 3D Artist

garrison-forgeIon Hazzikostas explained this further during a recent Yogscast by explaining that Garrisons will have a new NPC AI system which allows them to behave less like the scripted NPCs we know today. Essentially, since we have the ability to place a number of buildings at different locations, the interactions of those NPCs could not be pre-scripted in the usual manner.

As an example, imagine your Blacksmith follower waking up to go to work. Over time he’ll become thirsty and want to take a break so he’ll go to the tavern. Finally, you’ll see him going back to the barracks to sleep.

Then there was this:

I don’t know about you but this sounds great. I can’t help wishing that I’d also be able to see my alts pottering around doing what they do or even just walking around my personal city but I don’t see this happening. Now if I could choose a third non-gathering profession, I would have to say tailoring since it’s useful as a cloth wearer, a seeker of bigger bags and how can you resist those magic carpets?

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  1. I wonder if I’ll have to hand around the garrison a lot to make sure they aren’t taking too many breaks and knocking back too many ales, lol.

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    • I think I’ll be around quite a lot anyway. When you can see your pets, mounts and statues around, it just sounds excellent.

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