Fumigation Set

Today I spent some time building something around the Vile Fumigator’s Mask from yesterday. It wasn’t long before I decided upon the Blessed Regalia of Undead Cleansing set from the Scourge Invasion back in 2008.


I was determined to only use items I had in my inventory and I was quite happy with the finished result even though the mask isn’t moggable.

Vile Mask

I made sure to shoot Cool with some vile fumes before we logged out though.

Mask spray

Now to mog my gear back to my Vampira set.

Author: Cymre

A disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items, class sets as well as all things pets.

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  1. You must have some strong precognition mojo going to save the set from the scourge invasion. I deleted all that for room. Lol, I bet Cool had quite a dry cleaning bill to get the purple goop out of his outfit!

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    • I was really careful not to delete things which were one of a kind (including some tabards). I’m so glad I did now thx to transmog.

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  2. Fantastic! You always come up with the best things – come to the States and help me get my real wardrobe together!

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    • LOL, I would love to but I’m sure you do fine already :D

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  3. I love beyond love… the fact that I still have several of the blessed undead slayer sets. Still one of my favorite sets, I use it pretty much religiously on my paladin, and have one stowed away in my warrior and rogues banks as well. Funny thing is… on the Paladin I still have the not so amazing looking set from the first naxx opening event back in vanilla that was similarly named.

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    • I don’t think I ever farmed the set on my hunter but I just need to look at my Scourge post to see the pali set on Cool. :)

      I need to look up the original set, sounds intriguing.

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