An Artful Surprise

An Artful Surprise

When Cool asked me to log in this morning, he surprised me with this awesome mash-up of Cymre and I. In fact, it’s probably how I look when I’m working in Photoshop as I edit one of my rare spawn portraits, Super Sunday images, camp a rare or spend my time on the Timeless Isle. Funnily enough, the pose (minus the expression) reminds me of a portrait I did many years ago.

Cymre with glasses by Coolidge

Cool calls it an experiment as he plays with his new toy – the Wacom Cintiq 13HD and PS6. I think it looks fantastic and I’m excited to see what else he can create in the future.

Fist Pump

Fist Pump

It seems the luck I had on the Timeless Isle was an anomaly indeed because I haven’t been able to replicate anything close to it since then. The drops are so erratic that whenever I see one, it’s a bit like that animation you see on the right. double fist pumpThe only difference is, I do a single fist pump, not double.

Since then I’ve been able to knock one more item off the list, the Cursed Talisman from Spelurk. Maybe the key was summoning and killing him solo. Kind of ironic since I looted one so early on the PTR.


Now according to Cool, this is what I’m like when I’m excited by something in-game and start talking a mile a minute.

Ok, there may be some similarities.

Here are my five outstanding items:

Farming rock giants gets very boring fast but I’m on the homestretch so I just need to push past the monotony. Luckily for me, Cool is willing to help me with the High Priests a little each day.

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