Plans for the Toy Box

As you know, many of the fun items we’ve collected til now will soon have their own UI but a few questions still lingered, like the gimmicky items we need to equip:

  • Orb of Deception
  • Super Simian Sphere
  • Burgy Blackheart’s Handsome Hat
  • Time-Lost Figurine

Rygarius (the Community Manager at Blizzard) answered many of these questions today by saying “the idea is to have these items converted into something similar to a spell. You’ll be able to activate the effect without equipping the item”.

Although when asked about Disco Balls and Picnic Baskets (or more specifically redeeming the codes), we were urged to hold onto those items.

In terms of Archaeology toys, it was confirmed they’d be included in the Toybox tab. “But please continue hanging onto those items while details are still being worked out”.

They are currently unsure of how the Haunted Memento will work “as we don’t know how that item will interact with the Toybox tab yet as it has a number of special qualities (can be thrown, its effect is activated by simply having it in your inventory). The important thing is none of the items are being removed. If an item doesn’t make it into the Toybox tab, the item will remain as it always has”.

Other points of interest

Some items (such as Sylvanas’ Music Box) may be character specific if we find a need for it. Still, a vast majority of the items in the Toybox will be account-wide.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for quest items (like Archmage Vargoth’s staff) that players have been holding onto for fun and won’t convert it into a quest item so it wouldn’t go away.

When asked about the Jade Raccoon, Rygarius stated that they “haven’t determined what will or won’t be considered a toy and recommend that you don’t vendor or delete anything just yet”.

We’re still undecided on how the cooldowns will work at this time.

As a final disclaimer, he added:

This feature is still early in development. Depending on how it works out once we’re able to test it, some things may change. The goal of the Toybox is to free up inventory space. Items that don’t make it into the Toybox because of technical or other reasons should still be left alone with no change.

At the end of the day, we’ll still have a lot of room to play with which is what a lot of us need right now. I for one can’t wait for this improvement.

Author: Cymre

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  1. I really, really need this. Anything would help. Cat’s at max capacity and she’s even thrown things out. No more Puntable Marmot, sniff.

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    • Same here, especially when I’m still farming those Timeless Isle pieces. I had to get rid of that marmot pretty early on while questing through the Valley but I’m pretty sure my alt still has one.

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