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Krol the Blade

Bottomless Bag


It’s certainly taking a lot of time and effort to complete this achievement (and not from lack of trying) but I’m glad to see so many have charges – like Falling Flame. The ability to have some fun while not having to worry about indefinite bag space is fantastic although I still find myself holding onto 11x Path of Cenarius charges from a previous expansion so I’m really looking forward to those Toy Box changes.

Among other things, I’ve been farming the Elixir of Ancient Knowledge from both Krol the Blade and the Archiereus of Flame but since Krol is a lot easier to kill than Archiereus, you’ll find he’s a pretty popular target to camp. I would often take a detour between Wastewalker Shu and the Pandaren Burning Spirit so on the number of occasions I’ve been able to kill him in the past, I’ve never seen his unique drop.

Krol the Blade

The other day I happened to spot him while no one else was around so I swooped in for the kill. About halfway through, another player showed up so I’m glad I was faster by ~10secs. When I went loot his body I was relieved to finally see the item after so many kills. I may or may not have done a fist pump.

This makes 10 more to go:

I’d like to think I can get the last ten items before WoD but that’s just wishful thinking at this rate. After seeing the last few items going to another group member, I suspect setting the loot to FFA would not be the answer.


Bloody Grind


As I slowly collect the last ten items for my Bigger Bag achievement, I’ve started working on something quite different. The Censer of Eternal Agony was sitting in my bag for months. I bought it solely for purchasing the Vengeful Porcupette but I wasn’t too keen on farming 100x Bloody Coins so there it sat, taking up one precious bag spot.

One night, I was looking though my achievements when I came across the Emissary of Ordos for an easy 10pts. All I had to do was use the censer. Geez, if only I knew that earlier. So I parked myself in one of our camp tents not really knowing what to expect. Once I had the achievement, I tried clicking off the buff which didn’t work. Maybe I could use our flight master to knock off the buff… nope. He was now neutral and would have attacked if I had clicked him. Turns out I had to kill myself so I aggroed the nearest crab.

The next achievement required 10x Bloody Coins so I asked Coolidge for help. He agreed to being killed once per day over the next ten days.


Here’s the series of achievements for anyone wondering. I doubt I’ll be getting any further but I guess you never know.

Name Achievement
Emissary of Ordos Use the Censer of Eternal Agony obtained from Speaker Gulan on the Timeless Isle.
Candlekeeper Obtain 10 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher.
Oathguard Obtain 100 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher.
Kilnmaster Obtain 1000 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher.
Fire-Watcher Obtain 2000 Bloody Coins as an Emissary of Ordos or Ordon Fire-Watcher. Grants the Fire-Watcher title.

According to GuildOx only 0.062% have the Fire-Watcher achievement, a slight improvement to Going to Need a Bigger Bag at 0.045% but you know what’s really annoying? Spending months on the Isle only to find the person you’re grouped with gets the item – TWICE while you’re still waiting for one! Seriously, times like this I wish you could trade it when the kill counts for both of you.

Come on RNG!


Waiting for Skarr


When I heard that hunters would have 50 stable slots, I was excited. There have been so many pets which I’ve tamed, abandoned and retamed over the years – Humar the Pridelord, Uhk’loc and Ironback were just a few of those. But it’s only now that I’ve actually looked at revisiting some of the ones I always wanted to add but never did.

Skarr was one of the few pets from Cata which appealed to me but was highly sought after. I’ve always gone for the unique rare pets so when I saw this black molten cat, I knew I would have him one day. I just didn’t realise it would take this long to do it. My hunter was not getting a lot of game time back then and there was always something to do on my priest like collecting Silver Dragon shots and hunting camel figurines so it wasn’t high on my list of priorities.

That all changed when I decided to log in and try my luck last night. All I had to do was make it past the flaming path and wait.


While waiting for Skarr, I noticed Karkin sitting on one of the crumbling rocks located on the far side of the great divide so in case he shares a spawn timer with Skarr, I headed over to tame him. Better than looting a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty, am I right?  Unfortunately, as I started making my way across, I fell to my death on the fourth jump.

One good thing about dying there (if you don’t have a druid to save you) is being able to rez on Fireflume Ridge making the ability to tame him even easier. I was already specced into MM for Skarr, plus he’s a lot more appealing than any of the spiders around the place (or in general for that matter); I just needed to go back and clear another stable slot before heading back out to log in my camping spot.


It was several hours before I logged back in to check the spawn and wait. Around midnight, a dwarf alli hunter turned up to entertain me unexpectedly. He died several times as he jumped from rock to rock and then failed miserably as he attempted to tame Kirix. I think he gave up when he tried to kill the spider and died in the process after his pet carked it. Karkin ended up spawning twice in the time I was waiting. This time I did kill him before heading off to bed a couple of hours later.

Today I logged back in periodically but he didn’t turn up until the early evening. Once again he spawned on the far end around 37, 35 and was able to tame him without any issue – silencing him (which almost killed him), then hitting deterrence and tame (just to be safe).


Woot, here’s to two new pets in the family.

Now I can go back to farming the Timeless Isle.

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