Trust my WordPress Notification tab to remind me of the date even though I was thinking about it in the weeks leading up to it. Woot, two years of blogging. It feels like four at least… or maybe more!

When I look back on this past year, I’ve found that my video supplements have been a nice addition as I remember my first upload to YouTube. I wasn’t sure what to record at first but I wanted to do something tried and tested so I settled on a ‘How To’ solo the chess event in Karazhan. A week later, I created my first Trove of the Thunder King scenario (with added commentary). I must say it was a little more difficult than I expected playing and trying to be informative at the same time. I can see why a lot of people overlay their commentaries after the fact.

A month later, my Dread Ship Vazuvius video was featured on JudgeHype resulting in a rather large spike in blog traffic for several days.

Two years of blogging

Top posts

Not surprisingly my Battle Pet Tamer posts took up seven of my top eight spots with my Timeless Isle Rares post right in the middle.

Search terms

When I tried to look through my search terms for the year I couldn’t really see anything that obscure. It’s a shame there’s no filter for ‘funnyblogtraffic’ or similar. Engineering mounts still seem to be a popular topic while Aquaman was the Super of choice. A couple of treasure posts gained quite a lot of traffic together with players still wondering ‘how to get to vale of eternal blossoms’.


Once again I have OrcisharmyknifeWoWWiki, WoWHeadWoW Roleplaygear and WoW Insider to thank for all the referrals they’ve given me. Oddly enough this was the same list as last year except that Rades has moved from second spot into first.

Thanks to all my readers and commenters, especially those I’ve met recently in-game.