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Yesterday I was in the mood to work on some archaeology and noticed something quite different. Now I’m not sure if this was added in the last patch or not but check out this neat little progress bar. I used to use Archy which could tell you the same kind of thing but I’m all for using less addons.


So after working through a few digs in Kalimdor, I eventually saw this:


Hello Uldum :)


  1. Okay, double Dandies and now that many digsites in Uldum? Did you drink a luck potion or what, lol.

    • Maybe in my sleep! :P

  2. I went to do some Archaeology during Darkmoon Faire week, after not having done any for quite awhile, and that’s when I first saw the digsite progress bar — but I think it’s a new feature, patch 5.4 if not 5.4.1.

    • Yeah I thought so, it’s a great addition.

  3. It’s from patch 5.4 – I noticed it too it’s very handy!

    • OK, that explains it. I know I didn’t stop digging that long ago.


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