Double Dandy

An interesting thing happened tonight, I was passing through the sprite area when I spotted the Neverending Spritewood. I’m not that fussed about doing it these days since I’ve already had the pet drop a few times but I wasn’t expecting this… especially when I only killed four Angry Sprites and I wasn’t fully buffed.


To celebrate I thought I’d have a giveaway. All you have to do is leave a creative comment below. Please include your toon name and region-realm underneath your entry. The winners will be announced on Friday.

Dandelion dance

Good Luck!

Edit: Holy Cow, I’m getting multiple entries from individuals. Please limit this to one entry everyone.

By the way, check out the other giveaway I have on YouTube at the moment.

Congratulations to Taikuutta and Cindi! Be sure to check out their ranked winning entries below.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Creative hmmm………

    “Your plea is insufficient!” the gueen roared. “I’m bored, bored I tell you and I expect to be entertained! You puny insignificent creatures had better come up with something soon or you’ll find out just why it’s bad to bore me!”

    The troll and the blood elf were escorted back to their cells. The guards left and the blood elf slumped dejectedly down the side of the hard cold stone wall.

    “Don’t be like that mon, there is still hope we come up with something by morning,” the troll said.

    “How? Look what we’ve been given to work with,” the blood elf responded. “These parts are old and out of date, what can we do with them?”

    “Well, I got an idea mon, a simple idea true but perhaps it may work to at least entertain her for a little bit.” the troll said. And with that the troll engineer got to work on the ancient bling tron that sat rusting in the corner. “Here, mon, you can help hold dis for me,” the troll said and together the two of them began to fashion something new and different yet similar…..

    When they were done the blood elf worried it wouldn’t work.

    “Oh, it’ll work,” the troll reassured her, “it’ll work. The problem is the bling has always been unpredictable and we don’t know what it will spit out when she activates it.”

    And thus upon the morrow the prisoners and their creation were escorted to the queens court. Many there were who attempted to coax the queen to laughter with their rhymes, their wit, their dances. Finally the blood elf and the troll were brought forward, along with the ancient bling tron they had modified.

    “What is this?” the queen shouted. “A rusting heap of of scrap metal? And I, I queen of the high elves should be entertained by this?!”

    “Well, uh, your worship….uh…it’s not exactly a bling tron anymore…..” the blood elf stammered.
    “At least we hoping it not,” the troll added in an undertone so soft no one else heard.

    “And what is different about it?” the queens swordsman asked sternly. He looked around and frowned which quieted the laughter and giggles that had erupted upon the revealing of the old robot.

    “Well, you see, it’s been modified

    “Yes, uh, modified…”the blood elf began.
    “Yeah mon, at least we be hoping so,” the troll added so quietly no one but the blood elf heard.

    “Well, don’t just stand there stammering, make it DO something!” the queen demanded.

    “It’s been keyed to the touch of yourself your worshipfulness,” the blood elf said. “We thought you might enjoy activating it.”

    Upon this the crowd got quiet and still, waiting to see what the queen would do. Would she step down from her throne and activate the old rusty robot or would she refuse to go along with what the prisoners planned?

    to be continued………………………….


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    • The queen who was bored, exceedingly bored, thought it would be fun to see what the robot did and additionally, if it didn’t do anything interesting berating prisoners could also be entertaining she thought. She stepped down slowly and made her way to the robot.

      The troll prisoner, Jaadore, glanced covertly at the goblin prisoner behind her. “Hope you gots your running shoes on mon…” she whispered. The goblins eyes got huge.

      “This better not be more landsharks,” the queen said sternly as she prepared to push the button on the ancient bling.

      As soon as she did it coughed and sputtered. “Greetings your eminence,” it croaked out. “Would you like to host a dance party?”

      “Uh, that’s not right,” Jalara the blood elf muttered.

      “I certainly hope not!” the queen exclaimed.

      “Here mon, try again,” the troll said as she gave the robot a smack up the side of its rusted head.

      The queen pressed the button again and out popped a creature that appeared to be half angry sprite and half little bling and was exceedingly green. It began hopping around and randomly attacking both the queen and members of her court.

      “Now mon!” the troll yelled and the prisoners began racing for the doors. They didn’t stop running until they reached the horde base. Jalara the blood elf and her friend the troll Jaadore presented themselves to the blood elf commander.

      “So,” he said, “you coated the little bling with some of the ghost mushrooms and fungus in your cell and then unleashed it upon the court. I don’t suppose either of you knew that high elves are intensely allergic to ghost mushrooms?” he laughed.

      “Is that right mon?” the troll said with a wink and a smile.

      “I think it’s good you two are on our side,” the blood elf commander said as the entire horde camp laughed.

      And that is the story of how our two prisoners escaped. The end.

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  2. I’m not going to leave a creative comment cause I have one but just had to comment on that luck! Double Dandy? You better go buy a lottery ticket, lol!

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  3. Dandelions? It would be awesome if a pet like this could make wine. Maybe have it leave a trail of dandelions as it runs and when you go by that spot a week later, the whole field would be covered in them. So much potential! Love you blog, btw.
    Taikuutta – korialstrasz us (a)
    Simjin – korialstrasz us (h)

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  4. This little sprite, very well might,
    Improve my team, as it seems
    Have one, I don’t and getting one would rock!

    My not so great attempt at something creative. ;)


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  5. Please give one to Taik: he’s one if my favorite people. Just do it. Cause you’re awesome like that. (Left all my cleverness in Bakersfield, California)@logtar

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  6. How the hell did my GM name get in there!? Damn you Bakersfield!!

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  7. I think that i shall never see
    A pet as cute as your Dandy
    Because whenever i step upon the isle
    These sprite have been dead for a while
    So my toon never gets a chance
    To start a dandelion bromance
    And since my poem is completely fail
    Your bribery cheque is in the mail. :D


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  8. A sunfire blossom
    Defiant, a forerunner
    You are not prepared

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  9. This Frolicker is not from Nantucket
    It will kick someone’s butt, not the bucket
    In pet battles it will bring pain
    And reduce its foes to a stain
    But if it loses too much you just pluck it!

    (See what I did right there?!)

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  10. Flowers

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  11. When in the days of spring we see upon our lawns
    A multitude of life, the new born fawns.
    The green! Our pride does swell our efforts grow
    And to our next door dwellers we will show.
    They’re fail! They do not know they cannot hang
    Their shame a pain as sharp as poisoned fang
    The toil we sweat to rake, to preen, to mow
    A manicure of flawless bluegrass sow.
    But horrors do we see upon the fold
    Now bursting forth a villain vile and gold
    It cannot be a truer fail foreseen
    That mars the landscape glowing sharp and keen
    A weed the roots descend so firm and deep
    We rend the cloth, our suffering to weep
    It’s frolick an insulting slap to face
    I gird my loins, to war! No pity, grace.
    I draw upon my foe my hoe raised high
    To strike upon its head and make it die
    But soft what light upon a tag I see
    I stay my hand and bend to take a knee.
    “Taikuutta friend your EPIC VERSE doth shine
    And make we wish to share with you what’s mine.”
    A tear, a single drop her gift unlocks. Now word shall spread to all that CYMRE ROCKS!

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  12. OMG I just read your edit! Sorry! I got carried away. Pay no attention to the man behind the verbiage. Sosorrybai

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    • Hehe, no worries, your entries have been fun to read.

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  13. WoW! I’m not creative enough to even dent the comments thus far so just let me say “Gratz Cym!!”.

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  14. eh, I just read your entry too, but hey I had to post the last chapter where they escaped lol.

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    • I’m glad you did, I was wondering what happened next.

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  15. The winners have been announced above. Congratulations to both of you. Your prizes are in the mail :)

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