If you’ve already completed the Day of the Dead achievement, don’t forget to collect the Macabre Marionette – a new permanent pet  for 2013.


Before you start, take one Ice Cold Milk and one Simple Flour for the Bread of the Dead requirement. The recipe itself may be purchased from Chapman – one of the NPCs in your racial Capital City graveyard. The Ghostly Cooking Fire (located around Catrina) may be used to make the bread but note it’s a conjured item so it can’t be sent to your other characters however the raw materials can.


In order to see the quest NPC, you’ll need to purchase some Orange Marigold or the Bouquet of Orange Marigolds from Chapman as well. The buff only lasts 30secs so look for the Cheerful Spirit standing in the graveyard (for Blood Elves, to the right of the above NPCs) offering the following quest – The Grateful Dead.


The pet will be rewarded upon quest completion and is uncommon when learnt but easily fixed with the help of a Battle-Stone. He will also dance when stationary and may be caged so you’ll see these in the AH.

The quest may also be completed in Dalaran or Shattrah.