Not much has changed from Hallow’s End 2012 so if you’ve already completed the achievement from last year there won’t be much to do at all; unless of course you’re still after the Headless Horseman’s mount or helm. Note that his loot remains at 470 but that’s not a big deal since the Timeless Isle offers better gear that is easily obtainable.


The Candy Buckets are worth picking up for the 9G alone (at least for 90s) so check out the complete guide. I wanted to pick up a few Candy Buckets while Cool and I waited for our LFR queue so as I flew us through Dustwallow, I suggested we do Ony25. Even though the mount didn’t drop, the two new achievements made it all worthwhile.

Onyxia tunnel

About a minute after we killed her, our queue popped so we headed in there. I managed to get a couple of pieces (including the chest token for shadow) and Cool even managed to get the pet from Sha which he gave to me <3 However, this excitement was somewhat short-lived when I zoned out to see this…

Leaving instance

Looked pretty bad from the back but Cool made it worse by dancing… so uncalled for.