Decking the Arena

It took a couple of days before I felt comfortable entering the Arena in Hearthstone. Having mostly played a priest deck and a bit of the mage in the opening rounds, I wanted to try a few of the other hero classes before I even thought about attempting the arena.

Gelbin MekkatorqueHere you are given a choice of three heroes. Luckily the priest was an option in my first two arena entries so at least I had a better idea of how to play that class of cards.

My first experience was short-changed as my second match bugged out from an opponent’s use of a Brewmaster card. I thought it was odd since there was still no timer after a couple of minutes but after 5mins or so, I checked to see if there was anything in the forums about it. Someone suggested that the player might have held up the match deliberately (as an exploit) but the fuse should have come into play after a short time so I reluctantly closed the game hoping it wouldn’t register as an automatic loss but it did /sigh. Not a great first impression when it takes quite a bit of time and effort to accumulate 150 coins. My first two arena matches already had two losses with nothing much to show for it.

Hearthstone - two winsYesterday, Cool bought me a couple of packs from the store. It was exciting to open them because you never know what you’ll find inside. I was especially excited about my Gelbin Mekkatorque card as I’ve seen a number of people use them in their decks against me. He’s been a lot of fun to play (when I actually have a chance to use him) and can last a while.

After three arena tournaments, I’ve managed to win 4 matches although two were won with a paladin deck. At first I was disappointed since I haven’t played the pali much but it seemed a pretty easy win against two warrior opponents.

Hearthstone top keyMaybe one day I can even win that uber crown key on the right. I have noticed zero wins can still net you a pack of cards so that’s some consolation for the time invested. I wonder if that will change when the game goes live…

Author: Cymre

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  1. Ha! Although I don’t know what it means. I can’t access any post to comment unless I type the url out fully so it’s nothing to do with commenting, just can’t click on the post to open the page.

    It’s as much a mystery as Hearthstone to me, lol. I should have been quicker signing up for the beta!

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    • Ah, glad you worked it out. I know, it’s turning into another Pet Battle saga (both starting in the beta). I do see a lot of giveaways though so you may get lucky.

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