Last night I managed to complete the Celestial Tournament after my third try. As a result, my strategy for Yu’la has changed slightly. I’ve read about people soloing fights with just once pet but I’d rather see more of my pets participate. I do like to mix up my teams from week to week so who knows, I might try those overkill pets one week down the track – unless they nerf them.


Now to level him up!

By the way, I’ve updated the Pet Battle Table to incorporate the latest patch changes so if you’d like a table to reference the strengths, weaknesses and passives of each pet family – take a look.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. Grats! I got spoiled on that first tournament, the thought of having to collect three for one now … ugh. Have to figure out new teams for this week. Was busy getting another Unborn Val’kyr. After doing it once I’m now a fan of dups, lol.

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    • Ooh, good luck getting another one and with your teams!

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  2. Gratz on the win and I hope you continue to enjoy experiments in how you match up your pets to challenges. That kind of challenge is more enjoyable when you win more often than you lose. :P

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    • Oh for sure! When it works out and I win by a fairly large margin, it puts a smile on my face (as well as one or two fist pumps LOL) or if it’s the last one I need short of leaving and having to start over.

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  3. I am tempted to go the other way – I am trying to do the tournament ONLY with pets that are easy to catch, make, or farm! Now that’s going to be a challenge. Grats on Zao, I think it’s the best pet in terms of model.

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    • I thought of doing that too initially. However, this week I decided to use a TCG pet from one of my alternate strats when I used my Smoky for one of the earlier tamers. Next week I’ll probably start using some of the more exotic choices to make it a little more interesting but I do offer substitutes and examples for others who don’t have my other choices.

      I think Xu-Fu may fight you for that right :)

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