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It’s been a pretty productive couple of days with a number of new pets and achievements finally. Earlier tonight I noticed I had 16K+ coins so I decided to try my luck with Bonkers. I had read that Kukuru’s Caches were also a good source for collecting Burden of Eternity so I decided to buy a few keys and see how I went. Turns out it only took 10 keys to find my pet so for an investment of 5000 coins, I managed to get 2600 coins back, as well as some Timeless Cloth Gloves, 1x Burden of Eternity, and Bonkers.


He’s a pretty aggressive looking bugger but I guess if I’d been locked in a chest all this time, I would be too. It also didn’t take long to find my Azure Crane chick which was a nice surprise as well as Xu-Fu from yesterday and the three wild pets.

In terms of achievements, I’ve been able to get a handful but my favourites would have to be these.

Where-There's-Pirates,-There's-Booty Eyes-on-the-Ground Extreme-Treasure-Hunter

But then there are the costumes:

Pirate-grogElixir of Wandering Spirits Lotus Defender

And that’s just for starters…

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Do you need the Legendary Cloak for the pillar chest or does the Albatross taxi ever (safely) fly over them? It’s driving my Dwarf nuts with her Treasure Finding up… :)

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    • No you can access it without a cloak or bird. Uploading a video now :)

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  2. Grats on your achievements and pets, I also got a Azure Crane Chick pet too…on my first nest. Needless to say, Van wasn’t too happy with me as she had been searching for a while.

    So many things to do and I haven’t even started on the Tournament yet, I should go do that now, lol.

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  3. Grats :) Thats a cool set of ach’s and the chick and bonkers is really cool :)

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  4. Yay! Gratz!

    I’ve had no luck with the pets so far… Everytime I kill a rare with a pet drop whilst grouped with someone, they get a pet and I don’t!

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  5. Grats! I didn’t know you could find a pet in those caches! I’m on my way back to that cave!

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    • From what I’ve seen in the chat over the last day or so, he seems to be pretty common and since he can’t be caged, it seems a little ridiculous, esp. when they reduced the caches being such a good source for Burdens of Eternity. GL though, hope it doesn’t take you too many tries.

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  6. Gratz on all the achieves and pets! 75 Keys later still no Bonkers for me :(

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    • Oh no! Hope your luck turns around soon.

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