Oonie and Xu-Fu

Oonie and Xu-Fu

What can I say? I’ve been excited about the patch because it not only meant I could take in everything the Timeless Isle had to offer but I’ve been itching to show Cool around the place. It wasn’t as laggy as I expected and we even did a few of the quests including the daily but I was intent on completing the Celestial Tournament. I know we have a week to do it but I was anxious about completing it with my actual collection of pets.

Before I headed in, I noticed that Tommy Newcomer (the pet tamer on the Timeless Isle) actually had a quest now. It’s a pretty simple fight for an Elite pet, only this time you’ll be battling Lil’ Oondasta. He really is a miniature version using Spiritfire Beam, Frill Blast and Crush.


Next was the Tournament.

I had always planned on picking Xu-Fu as my first celestial pet but I didn’t expect him to be the battle I was stuck on. He was actually one of the easier ones on the PTR but when I managed to beat the other three Celestials, I wasn’t going to give up so easily as I would have had to fight the first six again. As my active pet collection started to dwindle from every loss, I finally won using a non conventional team.

Emperor Shaobao

I was so relieved to win my first Celestial Tournament.


Whee! One down, three more to go.

Now to work on some of those achievements :)

GG Engineering

GG Engineering

I was determined to defeat this duo since I’ll most likely be busy on the Timeless Isle tomorrow. Max and Bo would have to be the most difficult fight for this rank, much like Yikkan Izu from Rank 6. After getting a lot of close attempts and trying out different talents and glyphs, I ended up using Halo, Inner Sanctum and Psychic Scream.


In my kill attempt, I dropped Psyfiend and Halo just as they spawned which took off 4% of their health right at the start.

GG Engineering

In the end I died a couple of seconds after I had killed them but worse still – I wasn’t recording the attempt!! OMG! Just as well I recorded the others so I could show my basic strategy.

GG win

Phew, I’m so glad that one’s over although I’m so used to getting a shirt and a big sack of gold, it took a second to remember this wasn’t a challenge fight. :P

Now bring on the patch! I’m just a little disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to clean out my bags before tomorrow especially since I was just taking to Euphy about it earlier =/

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