Giants and Goblins

Tonight I had a random tweet from Joe asking if I had a picture of Golganarr yet. Until today he was the only rare I needed on the Timeless Isle and it’s been bugging me for quite some time. I would log in and camp his spot just in the hope of seeing him once. The only thing was, the rare was on another PTR server so I initially selected a premade toon to fly out and get a shot. I was just hoping he’d still be alive by the time I got there.

It took some time to redo my bars/talents and spec as well as flying out there but MAN, I still had to turn off my UI so I had the default portrait for rares. When I raced over there, I was excited to see he was upright and not engaged, albeit not in the exact spot I had expected =/

OMG, was I really camping the wrong bridge all this time? Unless he can spawn under either…


As I started heading out, Joe mentioned that he needed some footage of the kill for his video so I was happy to offer my help. While I went to copy my main priest over, he did the same with his shaman meeting up soon after.

I admit I haven’t killed many of the group rares on the Isle yet. In fact, I had not killed any of the rock giants at all since I was more interested in exploring and documenting what I’d found.

Golganarr in combat

So here were are, three people attempting the kill. I wasn’t sure what their abilities were except for boulder throwing but for ranged it was pretty easy. I didn’t envy the melee, they died A LOT and with the fast spawning mobs around the place, we eventually got him down with a few more people.


Thanks again Joe for the tweet. Remind me not to tweet so much on my phone, damn autocorrect!

If you haven’t seen much of the Isle yet, here’s my initial exploration video:

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