Gorgeous Bling

A couple of months ago, I managed to defeat Blingtron 3000, one of twelve challenge fights in Brawler’s Guild. I admit it took a few attempts before I was able to complete the fight but it felt good to add another boss to the tally. Oh and Blizz, WTB virtual storage space for all these shirts.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried most of the remaining card fights just to see what the fights were like but after seeing The Bear and the Lady Fair, I was anxious to try it. It uses the same mechanic when farming your Shado-Pan Geyser Gun so I thought it would be fun… and it was… until I died a number of times.

Then last night I was making progress getting the boss to 26%, 12% and remaining consistently under 20% until I died at 2%!!! I was determined to keep trying until my flask wore off and by then it was late so I went to bed.

Today I was going to take a break from Brawlers (as I usually do) but I kept thinking about that 2%. It took several more attempts on my main computer before it happened. I had defeated the ‘lady’ trogg!

Now just five to go as well as my bottleneck boss on Rank 7.


Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Grats! I’ve not seen anyone do that fight yet. I sometimes go there intending to fight but get caught up watching them instead.

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    • Thank you. That’s how I managed to see some of the fights people were talking about, including that Pali one you mentioned the other day.

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  2. Gratz!! Doing well! I’ve noticed you in there a lot!

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    • Yep, it bugs me when the fight is so close… and I finally see what you were talking about with the trampoline one :P

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  3. Oh major congrats and that shirt is a gorgeous reward!!!!! Love it!

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    • Thx. It reminds me of the shirt from ICC.

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  4. Well done! Keep on that Brawler’s Guild. I’m about to give that a try.

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