Screenshot a Day – 29

As part of Tycertank’s screenshot challenge, we’ve been tasked with posting a screenshot a day based on a series of predefined topics spanning the entire month of August.

Day 29: Lucky

Owen's Wishing Well

Rumour has it if you throw a coin over your shoulder with your back turned to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, you are sure to return. I did this back in 1997 and still hope to revisit the city one day.

Owen’s Wishing Well was added as a memorial to Brian “Owen” Wicks after a visit to Blizzard Entertainment through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2012. You can read about his visit in a very touching piece written by his mother called A boy and his wish. It was hard to not feel emotional when I read about his story and I really praise Blizzard for these in-game tributes since they mean so much to the individual and their loved ones.

Clicking on the Lucky Golden Coin above will give you a 10min Made-a-Wish buff. On occasion, you may also find Wodin’s Mantid Shanker, a rare BoA dagger located at the bottom of the well and counts towards the Lost and Found achievement.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Cool, I didn’t know that reference. I love you posing for the rome fountain too :) I like all these WoW-real life pics you’re doing!

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    • Thx Nav :D

      I didn’t know what the reference was either but I always wondered about the spot when I found it on the beta. I also wasn’t sure if I would be able to toss the coin backwards so I’m glad it worked. :)

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  2. I didn’t know that about the dagger.
    And the memorials really are nice, though they make me a little sad when I come across them in-game.
    Lovely shot – but how can you go wrong with Pandaren wells?

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    • Thanks. It was one of the first treasures I found and I do love these wells.

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  3. Thanks for posting this Cymre, you’re right, Blizz is really awesome to do this for the families, for the sick kids… I find it fits in with the rest of the stuff you talk about on your blog–the rare stuff, the special fun stuff, etc.

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  4. I been to that well but never knew the story behind it. I did the Trevi Fountain thing when I was eleven but so far it hasn’t worked. Still could though!

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  5. Love this screenshot! I was just there last night relaxing and admiring how nice the well looks. I wish I had a wishing well in my backyard!

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