The Art of Geyser Jumping

The Art of Geyser Jumping

A few days ago, I saw the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun making the rounds across several blogs starting from Rades, then Navi and a couple of others. The hardest thing for me was to queue for an LFR and then wait for the queue to the Forgotten Depths to pop (if you don’t have access to a raid lock). Luckily for me, I zoned in on the way to Ji-Kun so I just had to wait for a kill. From there you can use a feather to go through the red portal above you. This will take you back to the bottom of the drain. After that you will need to work your way back to Tortos’ room so you can access the geysers on the top platform. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make your way back by using several geysers – one as you first step through the portal and a couple at the end of Tortos’ room.


This is where the fun begins… or angst depending on how good you are at geyser-jumping. The trick is to turn your body in the direction you want to be shot or you may end up overshooting the platform and lose your stacks entirely. You will have a couple of seconds to readjust your position between each jump and I was able to use my speed boost with body and soul if I felt the need.  The aim is to jump from geyser to geyser while maintaining your stacks of Spray Water until you reach the maximum of 250.


As you progress, your body will start to glow:

25 = left foot
50 = right foot
100 = left hand
175 = right hand
250 = full body starts glowing and pulses every few secs with snowflakes falling from your body

It’s too bad there’s no achievement when you reach the maximum number of stacks but at least you get the gun in the mail. Here’s the letter you receive with it.

Hello Thunder-Delver!

The Shado-Pan have been watching your
progress through Lei Shen’s Throne of
Thunder and were astounded by your
ninja-like geyser-jumping abilities in the
Forgotten Depths.

We are working on weaponizing geyser
technology in an attempt to turn Lei
Shen’s thunderous powers against him.
I’ve included a prototype modification
of the Shado-Pan Dragon Gun. It just
seems fair that you be the first to use it!

–Taoshi of the Shado-Pan

Shado-Pan Geyser Gun

So if you plan to pick this up, allocate at least 15mins to get it done. Although if you’re like me, you’ll need more than that. It probably didn’t help that I was on the wireless (in bed) when I tried my attempts though.

Here’s the video, as promised, Luxy.

Video Goodness

Video Goodness

The trailer to the Siege of Orgrimmar was just released last night but I’ve only just watched it. It’s a great prelude to what we’ll be seeing very soon as the new patch is released. Cool always tells me to be quiet during these videos but sometimes I can’t quite help myself. :P

Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen the The Burdens of Shaohao series below, be sure to watch it. It’s EPIC!

From the Ashes

From the Ashes

I always thought it was a little strange how the Ashes would drop from Kael’thas in Tempest Keep instead of Al’ar himself but being such an awesome mount to get back then it does make sense. The mount is currently listed at a 2% drop rate so you still don’t see that many around. I always felt they were kind of blinding so I never looked at them for too long – kind of like looking at the sun.

When I entered Tempest Keep, I opted to go a different route and went straight to Kael’thas instead of doing either of the side bosses. I didn’t think much about it at the time since I figured I don’t really need the pets but I was planning to do them afterwards. Funnily enough, I didn’t realise the mount had dropped since I was talking to someone at the time but then I saw the achievement pop just up as I looted.

Holy Crap!


As soon as I left the raid, I took him out for a test drive feeling very regal indeed. To help mark the occasion, I flew to Area 52 for a quick change of attire.


Still shots really don’t do it justice so I took the liberty of taking a short video.

Screenshot a Day – 16

Screenshot a Day – 16

As part of Tycertank’s screenshot challenge, we’ve been tasked with posting a screenshot a day based on a series of predefined topics spanning the entire month of August.

Day 16: Cooking

Fish of the Day

Fish of the Day

There’s nothing like cooking your freshly caught fish over an open campfire and then enjoying the fruits of your labour while watching the sunset.  The seafood here is so fresh and tasty it makes it easy to get my Omega-3 goodness a couple of times a week.

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