Screenshot a Day – 13

Screenshot a Day – 13

As part of Tycertank’s screenshot challenge, we’ve been tasked with posting a screenshot a day based on a series of predefined topics spanning the entire month of August.

Day 13: Fast

Sea Turtle

Although he may not be very fast on land, the Sea Turtle gives a nice speed boost allowing you to move 60% faster in a body of water. During BC and Wrath, I did not have much luck when it came to fishing up pets – it took FIVE Mr Pinchy’s before he granted me a Magical Crawdad pet. The Sewer Rat in Dalaran was not much better as it took many hours over several weeks to fish mine up.

When the Sea Turtle was announced, I was not looking forward to another round of fishing with not much to show for it but I would soon find out the tide was turning. After psyching myself up one particular afternoon, I flew to a picturesque spot in Howling Fjord and settled myself in where the unexpected happened… I managed to get it from my very first cast!

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