Razzashi Raptor

I was not fortunate enough to get the Swift Razzashi Raptor before its removal in Cataclysm but I did manage to see it drop just once in that time – that was back in 2008 during BC. Wow, wasn’t that a long time ago! Since then, Cool and I had tried to farm another one (as well as the tiger) but it wasn’t meant to be. Back then, I wasn’t that fussed about the raptor but the Swift Zulian Tiger was another story. Thankfully my luck with the tiger had a happier ending. I loved the fact that we both had these rare mounts and by the end, Cool was even lucky enough to get both!

When the raid was due to be reintroduced as a dungeon as well as the addition of two new mounts, I was hoping they wouldn’t be exact replicas of the originals and was glad to see they weren’t. Around the time I was short a few mounts for my 200 achievement, we started farming the place on and off  but it finally paid off today with another drop from the Bloodlord.

Here they are side by side:

Razzashi Raptors

Now the picture wouldn’t have been complete without the Razzashi Hatchling. After all, this is where I saved him from the Bloodlord so long ago.

Author: Cymre

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  1. Congrats! I have been running ZG recently and hope to join you in the raptor owning! :)

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  2. Gratz!

    I must say I was pretty happy I got the raptor and panther in Cata so I didn’t have to worry about going back to ZG. However, I owe a friend a favour (the on who leant me the gold for the Soul-Trader… so I find myself in there very often). He hasn’t seen the raptor yet! So who knows when I can stop going back!

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    • Ah, that’s fair enough. Hope they get their drop very soon too.

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  3. Grats! :)

    I got the tiger in Vanilla, the second one that dropped for our guild. It cost me a lot of DKP. But it was so worth it. Specially now that I can use it on all my characters. :)

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    • I don’t blame you but I don’t think I’ve ridden her on anyone other than my main.

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