Screenshot a Day – 9

As part of Tycertank’s screenshot challenge, we’ve been tasked with posting a screenshot a day based on a series of predefined topics spanning the entire month of August.

Day 9: 2 o’clock


Siesta time

I wasn’t quite sure what to do for this one until the image of Ferdinand popped into my head. As one of the rares in the Jade Forest, he always looks so calm and peaceful relaxing under one of two trees around the Arboretum. In fact, my rare tracker goes off pretty often as I pass though the area so I always check to see whether he’s still alive or not. I’m happy to say that he generally is, which puts a smile on my face. However, I will admit I didn’t really know what his game reference was until I saw the Blind Side. A great movie by the way.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve been in combat with him (for the achievement) but he supposedly says:

Gonna bash you into pretty flower food!

You tell ‘em Ferdinand!

History of the Mantid

Last night I was short just one Pristine Mantid artifact and even though I only had Mantid digs today, it still took around 100 artifacts before I had the Pristine Praying Mantid I needed. I was getting so sick of Mantid digs, I even completed the Feeding Pit site a couple of times after being teleported there with my Lorewalker’s Lodestones. That should give you an indication of how badly I wanted to finish History of the Mantid.

History of the MantidPristine-Praying-Mantid

But I did it! I can officially say I’m done with all the Archaeology achievements and it feels great. Goodbye Archy, you’ve served me well.

Before I go, here’s a short video to show you some of the things that represent me in-game.

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