Unbound Fragments

After years of perseverance, I was starting to think it would never happen but today I collected my very last Val’anyr fragment. It’s been such a long and hard road gathering all 30 fragments but I did have one thing on my side, my one constant – Coolidge. Now I admit there were times when some coaxing was required since it often took several hours just to clear through half the raid. More often than not, we would head in there with no fragments to show for it but on occasion we would be lucky with drops and get three in a week – that was pretty rare. As our gear improved, we were able to work our way to Council, Kologarn and the Cat Lady.

Joining Fragments

Over the last few months, we’ve been able to clear more and more while doing what we could on hard mode. Most of the time, this included XT, Thorim and Council. On a few occasions, we’d even have some company from friends and guildies which made things a lot easier so to all the individuals who had a hand in helping me get my Shattered Fragments, I can’t thank you enough.

To celebrate, I made a short video which records my excitement from collecting my last three frags but if you’re wearing a headset, you may be hard of hearing once you finish. You’ve been warned!

I just know the next bit will be even more exciting… I can hardly wait.

Edit: Thank you all those who said they were willing to help me with my last step. If I don’t have your battletag, pls send this to me via DM on Twitter, email or my contact page.

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