Dread Ship Vazuvius

This is possibly one of the coolest rare spawns on the Timeless Isle. As I mentioned before, a few need some sort of event or interaction before they appear and this is no exception. First you need to kill Evermaw, the rare elite whale shark that swims around the entire Isle and loot the Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern.

Cursed Gravestone

Then head to the Misty Strand and use the lantern at the Cursed Gravestone. This will summon the Dread Ship Vazuvius. Note the lantern is conjured so only lasts an hour which is probably why you don’t always see the gravestone. I suspect the shrine is only active as long as Evermore is alive and probably up to an hour afterwards unless someone summons the ship within that timeframe.

Once the ship is destroyed, you can loot the spoils which includes 1000x Timeless Coins and the Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner –  another transformation item.

The buff lasts 15mins while the item has a 2hr CD and no limitation on where you can use it.

Edit: In the latest PTR build, the item no longer affects your mounts.

Rime of the Time-Lost (after)

Plus, the ship now has a knockback so don’t stand too close if you’re melee.

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  1. That item is so cool! Hopefully it doesn’t get a timer but I doubt that will last!

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    • Yep, I’ve been a victim of the cannon fire a few times (when the the ship bugged out) but it was the first time I had seen the ship so I couldn’t help myself :P

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  2. Ooooh so cool!! It must be hard to defeat – especially if you have to kill Evermaw first.

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    • More people certainly help it go faster :)

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  3. Ohhh! That looks amazing! I keep meaning to dl the PTR and have a poke around but I’ve been so lazy / ill so thanks for keeping us all updated on neat stuff!

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  4. Ok this is a must do! I need to be a dead pirate.

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