Hit and Miss

Over the past few weeks, I’ve continued to farm the Raiding with Leashes pets from all three raids. However, this was the first time I’d headed in there and not have a single pet drop from the set. Then the other day I was doing my treasure trove scenario and was surprised to find myself in the following predicament.

Stuck in the Tresure Trove Scenario

Yep, that’s me stuck behind some crates in the first room. I didn’t even know that could happen and I must have wasted about 30 odd seconds trying to jump my way out (I almost hearthed) but I eventually worked it out. Thankfully I can just use the propellant on three of my other toons so I don’t need to worry about jumping these crates half the time.

A few days later, I was in the process of compiling the files for my next treasure trove video when the worst thing happened… a DC screen. This was in the first minute mind you. Luckily when I logged back in I still had 4.30+mins on the clock so I was able to finish the scenario and complete my 10 Golden Chest objective (even though I didn’t need it). Sadly, it was only at the end that I realised I had forgotten to restart the recording but I did manage to scrounge together enough material from my other runs to create my latest Troves of the Thunder King video so at least it worked out. I must say that the YouTube editor is a pain to use. It’s handy for quick edits and annotations but when you’re trying to snip bits and pieces from the same video, it leaves a lot to be desired.

I also had a go at doing a quick intro and outro but I’m not that crazy about the results since I’m a video nooblet. At the moment I need to come up with some other solution as well as another editing program. Thanks to those who gave me some ideas for this.

Now I plan on doing some more videos here and there but the ones I’m interested in have been done before – A LOT! Can you imagine how much fun I would have had with all my pet battle videos during the beta? OMG!

Interestingly enough, my Celestial Blessings video has become my most watched video but I was one of the first to upload mine so it’s not too surprising.

On a side note, it was a little funny to complete my Extinguishing Pandaria achievement during the last bit of my Golden Lotus rep grind. Sure, I’ll extinguish this flame between spear throws. Unfortunately, there were no fragments for Val’anyr over the last couple of weeks but hopefully that will change this weekend.


Things started to look up again as I completed my fastest chess event to date. Seriously, it felt like just a minute before it was over. King Laine made an early entry into the match so I only needed to move two pieces which is about six minutes faster than my ‘How To’ video. Only the far pawn was moved into it’s usual position before I left the daemon to the right of the king hellfiring everything around him leaving me time to nuke him on the warlock. Before I knew it he was down.

By late afternoon yesterday, I was having trouble logging into my account due to ‘unusual activity’ via a #141 error. At first I thought it was just a problem with that computer but when I tried the other comp in the house, I found the same issue. So I checked the latest tweets from Blizzard CS and tried all three suggestions they had posted to another user (delete cookies, clear cache, flush DNS) but nothing worked. It made me feel slightly better that another twitter user had the same issue but when I tried to login to Battle.net, I couldn’t. Soon after that I decided to check my email to find Blizzard had locked my account and suggested I reset my password via a link in the email. They did note that it appeared as if my account hadn’t been touched in-game which was good. Needless to say it seemed a little odd and disconcerting, especially after my hack last year. Since then I’ve had an authenticator attached to my account.

So I guess it’s been a pretty eventful few weeks but my 200th mount still eludes me…

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. I’ll have to go watch it and I can’t even imagine getting to 200 mounts, I breathed a sigh of relief when I got to 150, lol!

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    • I’m just a bit embarrassed that my top viewed video is my priest one and not any of the others. I guess no dislikes or bad comments is something though.

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  2. I find that I either get a lot of pets drop or none. I don’t know why I keep trying though!

    Hopefully you get your mount soon!

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    • Probably the same reason I do and thx :)

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  3. I’m still missing one pet and as for 200 mounts…still so many to go :(
    Hope you get your pets and mount soon :)

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  4. TY! I still haven’t gotten my ten treasure troves so your video comes at a great time. I’ve just started leveling my s. priest again (85) and wonder isn’t there a burst macro? I’ve been searching high/low and not really finding one ….

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    • Not sure if there is one. Dot timers work great though.

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