Pet Additions – 5.4

Just look at this massive list of pets. Not surprisingly, a lot of them come from the rare spawns on the Timeless Isle as well as other sources. These are just the ones I’ve collected so far, the rest of the images will be added over time.

Celestial Tournament

Darkmoon Faire

Moon Moon

Moon Moon drops from the new Darkmoon Faire boss – Moonfang

Unique Abilities: Moon Fang, Moon Tears, Moon Dance.


There are three engineering pets: two are made while one is obtained from Blingtron.


Pierre is a mechanical pet that doubles as a cooking fire

Lil Bling

Blingtron Gift Package

Rare Spawns

Ashleaf Spriteling

Ashleaf Spriteling – Drop from Leafmender

Azure Crane Chick

Azure Crane Chick – Loot from a Crane Nest

Dandelion Frolicker

Dandelion Frolicker – Neverending Spritewood

Interact with the Neverending Spritewood (purple rare spawn crystal) and kill Scary Sprites (note these are the larger sprites which can randomly spawn as opposed to the smaller Angry Sprites) – (45.4, 73.3)

Death Adder Hatchling

Drop from Imperial Python

Gu'chi Swarmling

Drop from Gu’chi the Swarmbringer


Gulp Froglet – Drop from Bufo

Jademist Dancer - drop

Jademist Dancer – Drops from Jademist Dancers

Jadefire Spirit

Jadefire Spirit – Drop from the Spirit of Jadefire

Ominous Flame

Ominous Flame – Drop from Foreboding Flames

Skunky Alemental

Skunky Alemental – Drop from Zhu-Gon the Sour

Spineclaw Crab

Spineclaw Crab – Dro from Monstrous Spineclaw

Ruby Droplet

Ruby Droplet – Drop from Garnia


Sky Lantern

Purchased from Ku-Mo for 7500 Timeless coins

Harmonious Porcupette - Mistweaver Ku

Harmonious Porcupette – Mistweaver Ku – Requires Shaohao (Pathwalker) rep – 7500 Timeless coins

Vengeful Porcupette

Vengeful Porcupette – Bought from Speaker Gulan – 100 Bloody Coins

Siege of Orgrimmar Raid

Droplet of Y'Shaarj - Sha of Pride

Droplet of Y’Shaarj – Sha of Pride (Flexible, Normal or Heroic)


Kovok – Paragons of the Klaxxi

Gooey Sha-ling

Gooey Sha-ling – Sha of Pride (LFR or Flexible)

Blackfuse Bombling

Blackfuse Bombling – Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Wild Pets

Ashwing MothFlamering MothSkywisp Moth

World Event

Rotten Little Helper

Rotten Little Helper – Feast of Winter Veil (Stolen Present)

I’ve tested quite a few of these combinations in battle – be sure to check them out on YouTube.

Winter Cleaning

It must be that time of year again when I find myself in the same predicament and it’s not even spring! I was having trouble looting all the items to sell during my runs though Kara, TK and SSC but the last straw came when I was doing an exploration run of the third room in the Troves of the Thunder King and couldn’t finish looting a Golden Chest because my bag was full.

Cymre Jones-53

Turns out I had left a Burial Trove Key in the Golden Chest but the dilemma was deciding which item to delete from my bag. This wasted about 15secs trying to decide which object I could live without. In the end I discarded my Ancient Amber which I’ve had since early Cata but in all honesty, I haven’t really used since Dragon Soul.


So now my bank and backpacks are all upgraded with Royal Satchels which helps but I still needed to go through my entire inventory. This included a couple of pieces in my Void Storage and bank since a few turned out to be look-alike pieces, particularly the cloaks.

I was able to free up 18 spots which is great and I even changed my shadow mog to my Cymre Jones outfit since it frees up a bit more room. It’s just too bad I’m using a staff instead of my stake/torch or journal and you still need to show the shoulders which is a shame (not that she really uses them for her outfit). Plus I was holding all my Battle-Stones on my alt since she’s doing more of the pet battling these days but I’m suddenly tempted to hold them on my main. I might just wait for the patch though.

Hippogryph Hatchling

My latest big purchase turned out to be another TCG pet after seeing the price drop low enough in the AH. It feels so great to mark another one off the list. No fragments in Ulduar though this week.

Dread Ship Vazuvius

This is possibly one of the coolest rare spawns on the Timeless Isle. As I mentioned before, a few need some sort of event or interaction before they will appear and this is no exception. First you need to kill Evermaw, the rare elite whale shark that swims around the entire Isle and loot the Mist-Filled Spirit Lantern he drops.

Cursed Gravestone

Then head to the Misty Strand and use the lantern at the Cursed Gravestone. This will summon the Dread Ship Vazuvius. Note the lantern is a conjured item so only lasts an hour which is probably why you don’t always see the gravestone. I suspect the shrine is only active as long as Evermore is alive and probably up to an hour afterwards unless someone summons the ship within that timeframe.

Once the ship is destroyed, you can loot the spoils which includes 1000x Timeless Coins and the Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner –  another transformation item.

Rhime of the-Time-Lost Maniner

The buff lasts for 15mins while the item has a 2hr CD and no limitation on where you can use it.

Edit: In the latest PTR build, the item no longer affects your mounts.

Also, the ship now has a knockback if you’re in melee range which I noticed when trying to loot the ship.

Unexpected Behaviour

So I’ve been fairly busy on the PTR lately, testing the Celestial Tournament and capturing all the rares I can find – silver dragons that is, not the pet variety. In fact, there’s so much to do on the Isle, I’ve been able to find some new treasures, including various chests and unusual objects which make exploring the place a lot of fun. I had to use my thinking cap for a couple of those chests in some funny locations and I’m loving the challenge. I’m wondering if they will be part of some new Lost Treasures of Pandaria or similar since Cymre Jones is itching to go on another adventure.

Then after finding another quest to do on the Isle, I figured I’d check out the Celestial Tournament to see if there were any changes inside. Just as well I did because there were three new Champions to try but really, I was not expecting that kind on language from  Kiryn.

Kiryn battle


I actually laughed when I saw this reaction but then again, it’s Kiryn who we get to know pretty well questing through the Jade Forest – at least for Horde. I’m not sure why but her reaction reminds me of Tome. :P

Oh and I managed to get Haters Gonna Hate with Cool earlier which means I just need to get the portal one sometime.

Tinker Time

I remember seeing this weapon drop only once during our Dragon Soul raids and it went to our shaman in the group. I hope he still has it since it was a weapon I coveted the first time I saw it – especially since it’s about the only weapon I can use which doesn’t require some sort of proficiency to use. A while ago, Cool and I had gone back in there to farm an item for his mog and the weapon just happened to drop this week. Being such a great guy, he let me have it even though he would like it too but he also knows how much I’ve loved it.

Morchok's Mace

I think it matches my mog rather nicely so that’s a plus right there.

Now in some other exciting news, I’m down to my last four fragments in Ulduar so I’m hoping they won’t take too long to farm. I’ll be needing some assistance though when I create my legendary so I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Here’s hoping I can find some people who would like to return the favour when the time comes.


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