Brawler Challenge Shirts

Some of these names might seem familiar but many of the fights have new mechanics which are fun and interesting. Defeating each of the challengers will reward you with a unique shirt, varying amounts of gold and valour points.

More challenge fights

Grandpa GrumpleFloot

Grandpa-Grumpledo Strategy: This fight was easy enough. He randomly Throws Luckydo(n’t) throughout the fight so avoid the red harmful luckydos and run into the blue ones if you need a health boost. After a while, he will also drop yellow luckydos which will start hopping after you (which is quite amusing to watch) so just keep moving or they will explode on contact.
Floot-Tooters shirt Rewards:
Floot-Tooter’s Tunic
Giant Sack of Coins – 400G
50x Valor PointsRank 4

Master Boom Boom

Master Boom Boom Strategy: He will throw dynamite around (which is easy to avoid) and have a couple of fuse phases (as seen in the image). You must run over each fuse to stomp them out otherwise the crate will explode and you’ll die.
Boomshirt Rewards:
The Boomshirt
Giant Sack of Coins – 400G
50x Valor PointsRank 4


Ty'thar Strategy: You have to use your movement keys to avoid his swings as you keep an eye on his cast bar. If he swings left > move right (E), if he swings right > move left (Q) and if he slams hit the S key. Be ready to knock him out three times as you DPS him down although he will have less health each time he gets up. Note: if you knock him out while you are stunned i.e while you have dots on him, you will not get credit for the fight. Also, don’t get stunned more than twice or you’ll be challenging him again.
Undisputed Champion shirt Rewards:
Undisputed Champion’s Shirt
Giant Sack of Coins – 400G
50x Valor PointsRank 4


Razorgrin Strategy: Kind of an amusing fight for a shark that flops around the entire time. Just don’t let him touch you.
Sharkskin-tunic Rewards:
Sharkskin Tunic
Humongous Sack of Coins – 500G
50x Valor PointsRank 5


Splat Strategy: This slime seems to move a lot faster than the original and the puddles of ooze are certainly new. Just don’t stand in them or you’ll be hurting. Fear and tendrils worked well with one use of my fiend when I wanted to get some range on them.
Ooze-shirt Rewards:
Ooze-Soaked Shirt
Humongous Sack of Coins – 500G
50x Valor PointsRank 5


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June 25, 2013 at 12:06 am

If they’re going to keep adding all these shirts they need to give us a shirt closet or something, lol. I mean you HAVE to keep them all!

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