With one pet to go, it was a waiting game for Summer to roll around as the Qiraji Guardling would start appearing in Silithus. Mumper confirmed they would start appearing from 21 June and at midnight it proved true. I managed to get one on the beta quite late but I was hoping to see one as soon as I entered the ruins. However, a lot of people also had the same idea with a small crowd of people already there.

A few that I know managed to get one before I arrived so for me it was time to get comfortable. McTacky told me there were ten or so when he arrived but they were snapped up very quickly. Just don’t be a douche and kill them off if they’re not a rare. Be thoughtful since we’re all in the same boat trying to get our last requirement for the achievement.

I was up until 4.30am trying to see if I could get one but the number of people didn’t disperse at all. In fact, there seemed to be more and more people hanging around the ruins towards 3am onwards. By this stage I was getting too tired and went to bed. It probably didn’t help that I updated my comment on WoWHead about confirmed sightings since it would make it even harder to collect one myself.

So today I logged back in and saw about eight people hanging around the area. Just after it hit midday I finally spotted one in the stairwell leading up to AQ40 so I dived down and engaged her. I immediately noticed that she comes with a team these days so be prepared to fight three. Never-the-less I used my trusty turnip to capture this beauty.

Qiraji Guardling-battle

As I was battling I noticed a couple of people hovering around me but I just focused on what I was there for. It was only after I received my double achievement that I realised one of my spectators was Zeriah, a reader of my blog and blogger in her own right. After wishing her luck and relaying what information I had before she left, I wished her luck in her endeavour. You can even see her in the image below. Last night I also grouped with someone I had met on WarcraftPets through a pet trade. CRZ really makes the world a smaller place at times.

Collecting this last pet allowed me to complete Kalimdor Safari as well as World Safari which in turn grants the “Zookeeper” title.

World Safari

Since my quardling was poor quality, I upgraded it using a humanoid stone I had saved just for this moment.

Qiraji Guardling

Ah, Q we’re finally together again and it feels great!

Good luck to everyone still looking for one.