Rockets and Whelps

Three achievements have eluded me from Ony25 so Cool and I headed in there to see if we could get one or two of them done. Now I wasn’t expecting to get More Dots! with just the two of us but we were going to try She Deep Breaths More as well as Many Whelps! Handle It! Unfortunately, we didn’t get the Deep Breath one but we did manage to get the whelps using a strategy I suggested back when were were running our Guild.


Nothing of interest dropped like the mount but it’s only one of a number of instance and raid ones I do each day/week so I still have three to go. I suspect they will come from some sort of drop since I spent a good amount of gold making my last three panthers recently (less the onyx one) but I’m ok with that. It’s just a matter of time.


Speaking of mounts, Cool dropped his Blingtron for our daily package and was gobsmacked to see four things in his. Holy Crap, it does exist! The Geosynchronous World Spinner to be exact! I knew the drop was really low for one of these mounts but I’m glad to finally see one coming out of these gift packages. It should be noted that Cool made me one of these early into the expansion but never made one for himself. I’m wondering though if you would ever see one if you already had one in your journal? Either way, I’m wishing him luck for the other mount too.

Now don’t be surprised if you see us zipping around in our two speciality rockets (although I’ve been using mine for months now).

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  1. Well thank goodness for that, I was so certain that it was a bug! I’ve been dropping the Blingtron whenever I remember (ie once every 4 days) and I’ve not seen anything yet. I did it every day back when I made it but lately began thinking that it was a load of rubbish and somehow Wowhead had lied to me.
    I’ll stick to it, now!

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    • Yes, definitely worth it! I’ve managed to get the Top Hat and Blingtron Brawlers item as well as some profitable vendor trash. Besides the mount he’s looted one of the orbs to make the mount.

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  2. Huge Grats! As you say it’s nice to know it does actually exist lol :) Also Grats on the Many Whelps :)

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  3. Yay! It’s always nice to get intel that these things DO actually drop although I’ve been pretty happy as I’ve received a lot of Eternium Roses from those little guys.

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    • Padding your bank balance is always a plus. You just never know when you may need that extra gold!

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  4. Gratz on the achieves!
    Also gratz to Cool on that mount! First person I know who has gotten the mount from blingtron that’s awesome!

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    • It’s always nice to get verification when loot is that rare – especially when you see it with your own eyes.

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  5. Oh wow another awesome BLING drop WTG!! You the hat, super rare, Cool the mount prolly even more rare .. that’s above average luck I would say so I’d bet your last three mounts aren’t so far away =)

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  6. Thanks for the tip, I just made a Blingtron on my DK, maybe I can farm that mount too. Those mounts are not cheap to make!

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    • Considering Cool and I both made one, that’s so true. I don’t regret making my bullet though.

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