Day 7 – Pet Battles

As part of Navi’s 10 Days of Pet Battles:

Do you use mods?  If you could only have one pet mod, what would it be and why?

There are several mods which I’ve previously mentioned but after going into numerous raids, dungeons and even questing with my Safari hat (and sometimes other items) still on, I’ve started using Auto Safari Hat which will automatically equip your Safari Hat (and/or Guild Tabard) when fighting wild pets or battling Pet Tamers. It can also accept quests, starts battles, and complete quests automatically each time you right-click a Pet Tamer.

Pet Journal Enhanced

Then there’s Pet Journal Enhanced – the first addon I started using and even now I love its excellent filtering system. I often use it to show my duplicates, filter by family and even by zone. You can also use it to hide certain pets, predict the stats a pet will have at 25 and show their specialisation of tank, speed or power.

PetBattle Teams is essential if you continue to do a lot of pet battles each day. Even though the default UI saves the last used abilities for each pet you’ve used, the addon lets you switch teams on the fly when travelling from one tamer to another. There’s even a handy spot at the bottom of the tab where you can easily access the heal ability and show you the number of bandages you have at a glance. Hopefully, we’ll be able to access the buff treats from there sometime in the future but if I had to choose just one addon it would probably be Pet Journal Enhanced.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Ooooh I’m a sucker for a good addon. I’ll have to have a play with Pet Journal … I’ve used PetBattle Teams for a while and I don’t know how I’d cope without it. I also use Pet Tracker – which is useful when you’re collecting “wild” pets and Battle Pet Breed ID which does what it says on the tin. I’ve also been dabbling with Pokemon Trainer .. but I’ve not really worked out how to do pet battles properly yet … the only time I win is by fluke, I think :P

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    • Please do. I also use the Breed ID addon although Pet Battle Enhanced also has a setting to show breeds just not the ones in the wild or during battles.

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  2. I like the sound of those addons, I might get them and have a play around with them tonight.

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  3. Ohhhh how do you rename teams in Petbattle Teams? I’m clearly blind and or stupid!

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  4. I really have to look into PetBattle Teams. Everyone seems to mention it on their Day 7.

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    • I used to use a similar one but it had a limit of 10 teams so this one is better.

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      • Actually, I used Pet Battle Teams but I must admit, I found Rematch and haven’t looked back.. Love love love Rematch

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        • You know, I started using Rematch a couple of months ago and now use it for all my pet battling needs. Looks like I need to update a couple of guides though. :)

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