Last night I managed to complete my Raiding With Leashes II achievement after the last pet I needed dropped in Tempest Keep. The hardest two for me were the Phoenix Hawk Hatchling (which I managed to acquire through a pet trade) and the Lesser Voidcaller which finally dropped after server restarts.

Now with a reward like Tito, it was hard to resist taking a few Oz shots in Westfall. In fact, I’ve wanted to do a Dorothy feature for a while now so this was the perfect time.

Westfall in Oz

I love his little animation that summons up a mini tornado (with house and cow included) although Tito ends up getting swept away as well.

In other news, I managed to get the red primal raptor from my third egg so I’m currently sitting at 190 mounts (192 on my pali). I’m not sure if I was just lucky since I heard you can get multiples of the same colour but I’m not sure if that’s over different toons under the same account or from one toon. Either way I’m glad that set is complete.