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Have you ever had one of those days when it looked like things were going great? Late last night I managed to see the last Zandalari Journal I needed for my Zandalari Library Card achievement but at the time, my bag was full so I closed the loot window to sell something though my portable vendor. However, when I went to loot the body again, it wasn’t there. The body despawned a few seconds after I killed it. For future note, this was a Zandalari Beastlord in the Beast Pens, you know the ones who ride around on the tamed raptors? I’ve killed many of these before during my dailies but I’ve never noticed them despawning so soon after killing as their raptor corpses stay a lot longer than their riders.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I was doing so well for room earlier but my trip into ICC netted me several pieces that I needed so there went my bag space again. I placed a ticket just in case on the off chance there was something they could do – especially when a similar thing happened with my Son of Animus recently.

Then when I went to hand in my last daily, I was excited to see a second key for the week from my daily Isle of Thunder cache. Mind you, these are the two reasons I continue to do my dailies every day. A chance at looting my Zandalari Journal and an extra key to the solo scenario.

Troves of the Thunder King

So I decided to go ahead and do the scenario instead of waiting the next day to complete it on my main computer. I mean, at this stage it’s all practice right? The only thing I had left was looting ten golden chests in the place. So I went and found my 2nd golden chest up on the first broken ledge to the left. You know, the one right next to the lightning rod that can take a few seconds to climb up past the broken rubble. That last jump seems to get me most of the time but I only jump it when there’s a golden chest in the back behind the tree branches. I normally don’t have auto loot on but I probably should for this as I noticed the chest wasn’t completely looted as I jumped off to loot the golden chest immediately below.

Chest number two

So chest number two was a bit of a stuff-up. I did try to climb back up to see if I could loot it completely but I was losing seconds trying to jump up that last bit so I continued on thinking it would be like the last few attempts where I zoned out with nine chests on the second and third last attempts and then seven during the last.

By the time I had reached the second room I had looted 6 and saw an easy 7 and 8 in the next room. By then I saw my 9th and 10th close by and managed to loot them too. I had a bit of aggro from the beam, etc. but managed to lose them with my decoy. As I raced to open the 10th chest, the treasure saurok appeared and I didn’t get credit. OMG! I should have been more careful with that 2nd chest! I would have had my Stormbreaker achievement otherwise.

Failing the chest achievement wasn’t half as annoying as losing that Zandalari Journal though. At this stage the solo scenario is a bit of weekly fun and practice but the journal is just a plain old nuisance.

Edit: I received a response from the GM who confirmed that I should have received a Torn Zandalari Journal which was waiting for me in the mail. However, this didn’t proc the achievement since it was retrieved from the mail and not a body =/ I’ve re-opened the ticket to see if they can award the achievement so fingers crossed while the issue has been passed to another department.

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    • Hopefully I can still get the achievement… still waiting on an answer.

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  1. Aww :( well I heard about that other piece of good luck – look forward to reading about that soon :)

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