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I wasn’t keen on doing the new PVP Pet Battles, even with the Stunted Direhorn as a reward and Trainer title but after reading about Tome and Luxy‘s experiences lately, I’ve been convinced to at least try them again. In fact, I’ve had the quest What We’ve Been Training For in my log since the patch went live but I wasn’t in any rush to do it. The last time I did one was back in October.

So tonight I queued up thinking it would be a while before I was called into my first match but was surprised to find a battle ready within a minute. Although I think I was more surprised to find a Flawless Battle-Stone as a reward from my first win but when I won the next few, I also received a Flawless Beast Battle-Stone and a Flawless Critter Battle-Stone. Wow, maybe I should have started these sooner. I must admit that once I started, it was easy to keep queuing until I had completed my quest granting me the Merciless Pet Brawler achievement. The queues continued to be fast but by the time I had won about six, I was interacting with more and more players so my win ratio started to slow down.

Merciless Pet Brawler

The Pet Treat from the reward bag worked out nicely since it added a 50% XP gain for an hour so I put it to good use during my usual pet tamers tonight. I can’t see myself doing Brutal Pet Brawler any time soon but I’ll see how I go.

Author: Cymre

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  1. What team were you running with or were you switching? I’ve been really enjoying the PvP battles as well. I’ve won 7 so far and lost 4 but I like seeing what teams people are coming up with!

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    • I ended up switching it up a few times. I’ve seen a few humanoid and rabbit battlers. One team had two humanoids.

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  2. Wow! You were lucky, I don’t think I’ve had a stone from any wins but I do indeed love that Pet Treat. I can’t remember which pet but they went from level 1 to 25 in nothing flat with that buff.

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    • I was out of bandages so I wasted a bit of time waiting for the CD but 7250 on Nishi and others was nice :)

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  3. Grats! I haven’t done mine yet with so many other things to do but I should get crackign as well!

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    • I felt the same way. It’s not so bad once you get started though but GL anyway. I wonder if we’ll ever battle each other :P

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    • I thought so too. I managed to get them in my first 3 or 4 wins so I thought it might be the norm :)

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