A Creepy Gift

I logged in this afternoon and while checking some toons I had a whisper from Luxy asking if I had checked Cymre’s mail yet. Ooh, I thought. No I hadn’t. I suspected it may have been one of the new 5.3 pets but had no idea which one. When I opened my mail, I saw an imps face which confirmed my suspicion and was immediately excited since I’d been having no luck farming that one on multiple toons. Just after I collected the pet and added it to the collection, I noticed the letter accompanying the gift:

I was going to send this with a quote from the boss but everything he says is really creepy!

That made me laugh so I told her I was tempted to call the imp just that. She liked the idea so I did, later heading back to Kara to take my obligatory pic.

Although this I did not expect…

Fiendish Imp-summon

I thought it may just happen in Illhoof’s room or the first time you summon him so I tried summoning him again but this time he appeared just like a normal imp.


I tested this a bit more by resummoning him around ten more times but only saw him appear twice so it appears that it’s only a very small chance that Kil’rek will appear – complete with orange skin and blue vest.

Thx again Luxypie :D

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Oh! That is awesome! I didn’t know about that!!

    Glad you like it! :D

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  2. That is cool .. gratz on the new pet!!

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