It’s not that often that I get to post about Guild accomplishments so I’m happy to say that we finally reached another general milestone. I noticed that we were somewhat close (at least compared to some other achievements) when we started levelling in Pandaria so I was checking the achievement every now and then to see how we were going.

The other night I was working on my Archaeology and was trading in my restored artifacts late one night when I accidentally hit my dagger icon instead of opening my Arch journal as I was leaving. This is the second time I’ve done this in a few weeks but instead of checking my friends list to see if someone could rez me at the Seat of Knowledge, I released and spoke the the spirit healer just outside our city.

Spirit Healer

OUCH! 254 Gold plus rez sickness.

The latter I didn’t mind so much as I wasn’t really doing much at the time but the next day as I repaired in the Shrine of Two Moons it happened – the Guild achievement came up. It is true what they say, it really DOES add up.

Next one will probably be the Critter Kill Squad with under 7000 to go… they make it a lot easier in Pandaria though, unlike the poor sheep in Uldum (which are no longer critters).

In other news, I managed to get nine golden chests from my solo scenario this week. So close! But considering I had six in the first room, one in the hallway and then fell short in the second room, I have an idea for next week since it’s the last achievement I need for In the Halls of the Thunder King. Then in Ulduar we managed to get a fragment by doing the council on hard mode killing the big one last. I look forward to going back in there later this weekend to kill more of the later ones.