Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a vigilante superhero who fights crime using archery, martial arts and technology. Otherwise known as Oliver Queen, living in Star City as a wealthy playboy and billionaire industrialist turned outspoken liberal politician. He is the leader of Team Arrow; he has also been a member of the Justice League and the Outsiders.

Taken from DC Comic Database

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a Super Sunday post so this Green Arrow draft sat in my folder for months where it remained… until now. I was a fan of this character in Smallville (even before I knew who he was) although I wasn’t a big fan of his costume at the time. His gadgets and weapon of choice kind of made up for it though as well as the actor they used to portray him.

Then with the new Arrow series, I’ve been able to watch the first two episodes and I’m liking what I see. David Nutter (who also directed Smallville’s pilot episode) wanted more of a darker undertone for the series – much like the Dark Knight movies – and the new costume certainly fits this idea.

Arrow cover

Mike Grell‘s cover for the free “Arrow” comic given away at Comic-Con International in San Diego


Artist: Dave-Wilkins

Here’s the one I originally created based on the Smallville model, then later with an updated bow.


But with such a limited choice of bows in the game, I decided to wait until some new designs were added. A while ago, Cool linked this unique ranged weapon model which made me think of Green Arrow again so following the darker and harder-edged version of the new series, I gave it another go. Turns out the design didn’t quite fit with what I had in mind but feeling inspired, I had a play anyway.

Arrow loading bow

Even though he doesn’t appear to have a distinct green tone to his costume in Arrow, I decided to use a brighter piece to finish it off.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of my Super Sunday series :)

Author: Cymre

A disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items, class sets as well as all things pets.

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  1. Though I’m coming to the game late, I was under the impression that Green Arrow was suppsoed to be hiding in the background and not be standout green. Though I’ve only been following the Arrow TV series.

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    • I mostly know him from Smallville and two eps of Arrow so far (which is prob. why they dropped the Green from the title). My series focuses on my experiences with the Supers and how I remember them like the original Batman series on TV.

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  2. Yes Super Sunday is Back!!!
    I love your Super Sunday series :)

    Great job on the outfit. I’m a big fan of the new Arrow series on the CW! Felicty is the best :)

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    • Glad you like it. :)

      Not sure how often I’ll be doing these but when I do you’ll know soon enough :P

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  3. The Belf looks good!

    I started watching Arrow and got distracted by other shows, I should get back to it.

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    • Thx. I missed the pilot too but after watching the second ep last week, I went back to catch up on what I’d missed.

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  4. I actually like the human better but the bow on the BE looks awesome :) I have been watching Arrow religiously, I swear there is an excuse every episode for him to take his shirt off… not that I”m complaining.

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    • It’s a shame you can only use a default male human look in Mogit – mainly chose it for the rugged beard but I suspect you might have worked out my other reason for posting this on Mother’s Day.

      A bit of eye candy for the ladies…

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    • Thx! Stay tuned for another one in the near future :)

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