Amber, Slate or Jade?

After 6 Amber and 14 Slate attempts (at least according to my addon) not sure how many Jade ones since we didn’t see any today, it happened – the Zandalari Warbringer finally dropped his mount!

Slate Direhorn

Ok, yes I might have let out a little EEE! or two or three…

Slate Direhorn - closeup

Cool and I have killed so many of these we’ve lost count (short of when I started using the addon) so it’s safe to say we can add another 10 or so to the total. Never-the-less, it’s great to actually see one regardless of the colour. Best of all, it’s the one I was hoping for out of the three.

Thx to Cool for killing these with me and freely giving me the mount – even after all my earlier protests.


  1. Ooooh congratulations!! You were quite lucky with the mount, even after all your kills and yay for getting the colour you wanted! :)

    • Thanks Sam :)

  2. Congratulations! Looks amazing :)

    • Thank you!

  3. Woot!
    Gratz on the mount!
    It looks incredible :)

    • Thank you.


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