Heavenly Titans

Yesterday I collected my last Secret of the Empire from the Throne of Thunder so that meant I could hand in my quest to Wrathion and complete a really cool part of the legendary chain. I won’t go into too much detail as I was asked not to spoil it for someone but I’ll just say that the solo scenario in the Thunder Forge was really exciting and more challenging than I expected.

Thunder Forge and the sha

I did stop to admire the Celestial Defender as long as I could but as I said, this was the most exciting bit about the next two steps in the chain. The next quest involved interacting with Nalak so I originally thought that I would need to wait for a raid kill to complete the Spirit of the Storm Lord but after I found out you can just do the quest solo, I headed over there. A few Alliance players were hanging around at the time so may have wondered what I was doing as I rode in and aggroed him but the next thing you knew his essence started following me around. All I had to do was kite the essence around a bit while I bubble ran around the square. About five seconds later, the quest was complete.

Crown of Heaven

When you head back to Wrathion, he asks you to return to Masons Folly so he can create your legendary meta but not without a few more warnings from Anduin about Wrathion’s true intentions. But for now, it’s nice to see some more interaction between the two of them.

Earlier today, Cool and I stepped back into Ulduar after clearing past the first few bosses several days ago and cleared all the way to the cat lady. However, we skipped Hodir since he takes a bit of time to do, even after our pretty flawless effort last time. Instead, we made our way to Thorim (which we previously ran on hard mode) and Freya which was a new one as a duo so it was great to add another boss to the run. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up the items for the key (even though I don’t technically need it any more) but I love completing new quests. So far I’ve only handed in Freya’s one so I just need to remember the others on future visits.

Best of all, I managed to walk out with three fragments and my tier legs so I’m just missing my shoulder token. I’m also past the halfway mark for creating Val’anyr. I can’t wait to do more and start my challenge modes finally but that’s another story.

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