The other night I was working on my Archaeology since I was 10 points away from getting another major milestone so I figured I may as well compete one that was pretty close to completion. Unfortunately, it turned out to be ~15 discoveries away but I was determined to finish something that night.

As the time passed sometime after midnight, I was in Townlong Steppes when something unexpected happened. I hit what I thought was the dig button… only it wasn’t. Guess what icon is directly under it? Can’t quite make it out? Here, let me highlight it for you…

Late Night Arch

Just as well the Spirit Healer was close and I’m glad the tiny caterpillars are now neutral, making digs a little less tedious.

The last few bosses in the Throne of Thunder also seemed to go pretty smoothly, that is until the last boss. But once the strategy was perfected, he went down as expected and look forward to doing it all again next week. Best of all, I finally managed to get an upgrade for my shoulders. Woot!

In other news, it’s been months since I’ve been to Ulduar so I was excited to step back in there today, especially since Cool and I have had some upgrades since then. Sadly, during our last three trips, I wasn’t able to walk out with any fragments so I was hoping for the best today. Luckily, I managed to walk out with one, getting past Hodir and Thorim which was fantastic. I even managed to walk out with my chest token and completed some of the fights on heroic!

Arctic Fox Kit

In pet news, I was able to upgrade my last wild pet in Storm Peaks the other night which felt great. I’ve also been levelling the rest of my collection by doing four of the Pandarian tamer battles as well as the Fable quest every night. It really feels like I’m the only one still doing the fable battles these days but as a result, the bags often include a pet or battle-stone which makes it worthwhile. Lux even levelled some of my pets recently which was a welcome addition. Service with a smile, what more can you ask for? :)