The Veiled Stair

For a small zone, it’s quite impressive to see so many points of interest for anyone passing through the area. In fact, it’s the breadcrumb quest which leads you from the Valley of Four Winds and into Kun-Lai Summit, particularly if you’re 87.

Apart from a couple of local quests, you’ll find the current location of Wrathion in this expansion as well as the Terrace of Endless Spring raid. For a couple of XP boosts, don’t forget to loot the Forgotten Lockbox on the second floor of the Tavern in the Mists and the The Hammer of Folly – part of the Riches of Pandaria achievement.

Hammer of Folly

Behind the inn, you’ll see a number of familiar faces, including some of the combatants you encounter at the Temple of the White Tiger.

The Wrestler

Then if you head under the Inn, you’ll find an interesting NPC who is not without some perks of his own.


But if you’re a fan of the BMAH, you might even run into a rare named Willy Wilder – a play on Willy Wonka and Gene Wilder which fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will instantly recognise. Not surprising when his abilities are Violets and Blueberries and Stuffed. He appears to spawn just outside the BMAH only to walk inside to bid on a Blood-Soaked Invitation which he then wins.

Willy Wilder

Image courtesy of Veluxia

Excitedly, he then runs outside saying:

YES! Finally! I won a Brawler’s Guild invite! Nobody can stop me now!
I won a Brawler’s Guild invitation just now! I’ll surely be rank 8 by tonight! I sure hope I don’t lose my ticket before I get there.
Everyone look! I won a Brawler’s Guild invite! I can’t wait to try it out!

…so it’s not surprising that he is guaranteed to drop a Blood-Soaked Invitation when killed.

I guess I wasn’t ready to be a brawler.

Apparently, if you choose not to kill him, he runs all the way down the Path of a Hundred Steps and promptly despawns at the bottom.

Question of the Day: What is the craziest/most expensive thing you’ve bought from the BMAH to date?

Author: Cymre

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  1. I’m wondering/hoping if Blizzard will do anything with the Secret Aerie/People of the Sky in that area. It’d be nice to have a flying hawk mount or battle pet.

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    • I was wondering the same thing unless it’s part of some monk training or something.

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  2. Most expensive? My tier 3 feet. Craziest? I suppose spending 20k on feet that you can’t even see, but I’m just waiting for that tier 3 chest so I can bid about 200k. o/

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    • Wow, good luck with that!

      I wish I had that much to spend :P I was bidding on the Dragon Kite the other night but someone just wanted it more (and had more money).

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  3. Oh! I love that there are still things to discover, I’ll have to pay a visit to Tweek. I’m afraid the most expensive and craziest thing I’ve bought was not off BMAH, lol.

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    • Oh what was it? I have yet to make a successful purchase from the BMAH. =/

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      • A giant Yak! And yes, I’ve tried to purchase things off the BMAH but they all ended when I was asleep so I always get outbid.

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  4. I haven’t had the good fortune to purchase from the BMAH but, I am totally going back to the veiled stair as I only ever looked at it as a halfway point!!!

    Loved this post!

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  5. I bought an Onyxian Drake for 92k an the Fiery Warhorse for 96k from the BMAH. I bought a brawlers guild invite too but it was only around 1k. I saw Willy Wilder for the first time the other day but someone else killed him so fast! I had to go wowhead him to find out who he was.

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    • I saw the Ony drake in ours the other day which went for a pretty penny too. That is one mount I would love to get.

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  6. He definitely wasn’t ready! Poor guy, but I saved him from being ‘Bruced’. No one wants to get chomped!

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    • Hopefully I’ll get to see him soon too :)

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  7. I spend a lot of time at the Veiled Stair…maybe too much time. But, it’s such a GREAT place to level battle pets (aside from the daily Master Tamers) you can’t really blame me for being there.

    I’ve only ever bought one thing off the BMAH and that was the Blood-Soaked Invitation. I did see Willy Wilder the other day though. I was in the middle of a pet battle when I saw him run by in the distance. I hovered over him and noticed he was a (Rare) and was all like, “Huh? Wha? I didn’t know a rare spawned up here”.

    I watched where he went while I finished my battle and then darted after him. I caught up to him as he was headed down the road leading to Path of a Hundred Steps. I killed him and then felt bad. I didn’t realize he dropped the invitation. The toon/account I killed him on is already a Brawl participant and the one he dropped could have gone to someone who needed it. Although, I guess seeing where I killed him means that nobody was around that needed the invitation.

    Side note – the Path of a Hundred Steps doesn’t have 100 steps. I had a little over 70…or a little over 100 depending on where you start counting. If you start at the bottom of the steps, where they begin in the Grassy Cline, you get more than 100 when you reach the top. If you start where the zone name changes to ‘Path of a Hundred Steps’ you don’t. Weird huh? Or weird that I took the time to count that out one night?

    Another side note – I finally got a screenie of Sheet and her new scorpid pet after I named it. Thought I’d share it with you since you were the one (one of your posts) that lead me to the area where they are.

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    • I’ve done a bit of levelling there for a change of scenery. It’s also nice to know someone took the time to count the steps. :P

      Oh, that’s fantastic! I love knowing that I’ve helped/inspired other hunters/pet battlers out there. Thx so much for letting me know and showing me my namesake <3 He looks great with your mog too.

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  8. I’ve never bought anything from BMAH – but hopefully I’ll get to see Willy Wilder one day :)

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