Blood and Thunder

A while ago, Lor’themar asked us to go into the Throne of Thunder to retrieve the Remnants of the Dark Animus for a quest. This afternoon, we ventured into the Halls of Flesh-Shaping and came out victorious.

Life Blood quest

Following our success, Lorthemar rewarded us with the Glorious Standard of the Sunreaver Onslaught. It’s a shame it can’t teleport you back to the camp though like the Sunreaver Beacon.


The quest also gave us a 30min buff called the Blessing of the Animus (from the Animus Golem) so I suggested we kill a few rares to make use of the bonus. It was nice to find a few of them up and with no one else around (except for one) we found the kills a little quicker than normal and no extra bumps to the health pool in the last 10% or so (which is what happens quite often).

After that we hopped on our alts to finish our rep grinds for our Thundering Serpent Hatchlings. This took quite a while to complete due to our schedules but I was so glad to make this latest purchase today.

Thundering Serpent Hatchling

Woot! Another pet for the collection and a big thanks to Luxy for the idea. :)

This coincides with another week of Darkmoon Faire attempts meaning another chance at the Darkmoon Rabbit and Eye. Time to psych myself up again…

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. Now I feel very lucky to have got the eye during the first week I did it. It can be done!

    I’m not to worried about the rabbit. Though it’s kind of valuable for the story behind it, I don’t think I’ve gotten even one bunny to level 25. Very meh pet to play with.

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    • Wow, I’d love to say the eye was that easy for me. For the rabbit though, I’ve always collected pets (ever since vanilla) so it’s more of a completionist POV for me. :P

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  2. YAY! Gratz on the pet! I joined a guild and leveled a DK enough to get the rep without knowing that my Hunter’s guild was really close to it… Could have done zero work for it!

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    • Oh no. A nice chance to make some new friends though.

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  3. Just did the Darkmoon Rabbit this morning, I didn’t get it but boy is that easier at 90, lol. Good luck!

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    • Yeah it’s nice you know you don’t need half the people. I’d be happy to do the raid once a month. Have yet to see it happen this week though… early days yet *fingers crossed

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  4. Yay on the Thundering Serpent! It’s always nice to know someone who has done those guild things, and glad you got it :) Which reminds me I should go visit my other guild every once in a while…

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  5. I have no doubt you can do the last two eventually. I do miss my old rogue now and then.

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  1. Poiekelsatin - Grats! Sounds like you had fun:)

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