The Crumbled Chamberlain

As a Saurok, I’ve had a lot of fun leaping around Ihgaluk Crag… that is until I found this pick-up quest The Crumbled Chamberlain. I skipped doing any new quests the first day (as I was already exalted but a new stage had opened up) so I didn’t see what the quest entailed. However, when I went to pick it up the next day, I was in for some angst.

Crumbled ChamberlainThe quest (which starts with the Head of the Chamberlain) requires you to collect the remaining pieces of his statue:

You there! Assist me.

In life I was the Royal Chamberlain for his majesty, the Thunder King. For my dedication, I was condemned to this stone form, forever forced to watch over a portion of his wealth.

Someone has desecrated my glorious body and sent pieces of it across the island. The thought of spending an eternity as nothing more than a head depresses me.

Search the island, recover these pieces and I shall grant you one of his majesty’s treasures.

The first time I did this was a couple of days ago when I was leaping around the crag. I had located the gearbox on top of a cliff and was working my way up to get it when Coolidge had looted it, causing it to despawn. From there, I had to go looking for its next location. To my dismay it was at the top of a nearby cliff. By the time I was working my way up there, it had despawned again. The third location was on a low rock by the shore but as I was about to reach it, someone else had grabbed it.

Blizzard, you got some explainin’ to do!

I figured I would go back to the second location and wait until it respawned again but first, I had to work my way to the top. My mountain climbing (or should I say leaping) skills must be improving as I manoeuvred my way up before too long. However, the wait left a lot to be desired… I was probably waiting 10-15mins before it reappeared at my feet. In that time, Coolidge had managed to find the other three pieces and hand his quest in before my first piece reappeared. I was so close to just dropping it when Cool told me about The Crumble Bundle. All I had to do was complete the quest in 10mins… Psh! Fat chance if it’s on top of one of these cliffs in the Crag.

The next day I tried looking for the quest again as I found the quest earlier on my hunter but didn’t pick it up as I figured I would just complete it on my priest. However, it wasn’t in the same location that I saw it earlier in the Crag. Later that night I read this…

Hallelujah! It was then that I realised it’s a weekly quest so I decided to do it on my hunter after all. Luckily there were no high cliff locations this time. The only one I had a bit of difficulty with was the one in the new area. Since it was the last piece I needed, I was making pretty good time until that last location. Later that evening, I logged onto my mage to try for the achievement.

Picking up the first three pieces was pretty quick but again, that last piece caused me a lot of grief. Seriously, as a goblin, I had a lot of problems climbing up the rocks. I couldn’t even zoom out that far – all I saw were rocks and niches. How do gnomes and dwarfs do this type of quest normally? As I anticipated, the timer ran out when I was trying to get that fourth piece. So I abandoned the quest to try it again. I even had the hindsight to pick up the quest in the new area since I knew if I could make good time there, the rest would be easy. On my third attempt, I picked up the first piece pretty quickly – all that practice finally paid off. By the time I had all five, I raced down to the cave with a little less than two minutes on the clock.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. YAY! Gratz!

    Oh my god. I was so glad when I read about the hotfix. I was not happy the first day I tried this, but I kept looking for so long! Eventually I sulked away and figured I would leave it awhile. After the hotfix it was actually really fun!

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    • Me too! It was but most things are more fun on my priest :)

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  2. LOL! Ten minutes! I will not be attempting that. I don’t know how many times I climbed up those rocks to have someone a second faster. And then there’s the rares that distract me, can’t pass one up!

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    • That’s the best part! The pieces won’t move for that day so anyone can loot the same spot. :)

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  3. You got it, nice! I’ve tried only twice so far I’ll get it eventually. I was super happy when I read the hotfix too. All that moving around made it impossible lol.

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  4. I picked that quest up yesterday but didn’t finish it because the available dailies didn’t go into two of the areas where pieces were located. I figured it was a one-off. But it’s a weekly? I have to listen to that stuffed shirt insult me every week?

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    • Yep :P but at least I can take my time with it from now on, if I decide to do it again.

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  5. Grats! I saw the achievement but knew I would fail it as I have great difficulty jumping up those rocks and everyone was ninjaing the pieces before I could grab them! I thought, next week I’m doing it LATE. I’m glad it got fixed, I was so grumpy I would finally get up and then some idiot would grab it :(

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