Mantid Archaeology

The new branch of Archaeology has uncovered a number of Mantid dig sites, all within Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes. Although I think I’ve found my new least favourite dig site…

Feeding Pits

The Feeding Pits of Sra’vess

New Mantid sites aren’t that hard to come by as I flew past a new dig just a couple of days ago. However, the Quartermaster in the Seat of Knowledge can supply you with a Mantid Artifact Sonic Locator for the price of a Restored Artifact. As long as you have the locator in your bag, you’ll only get Mantid digs for the duration of a day (real-time). I was lucky and managed to receive a Pristine Artifact on my second completion. Before long, I uncovered the Sonic Pulse Generator which I was aiming to get for my hunter, directly followed by the Mantid Sky Reaver which I’ve given to my Paladin.

Sonic Pulse GeneratorSonic Pulse GeneratorSonic Pulse Generator

I’m not normally a fan of guns partially due to the sound they make (less addons the better) but I love the sonic pulse that’s released when fired and the only sound you hear is a soft click. Now all I need is a scope!

Mantid Sky Reaver

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. I worked on this for a bit today, and I have to agree, the Feeding Pits are the worst place to have to dig. I didn’t get anything cool yet though. My Hunter would like that gun!

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  2. Gratz on your weapons!

    I might a have a screenshot of the feeding pits full of skeletons, and not just my Draenei skeleton! Hated it!

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    • Oh really? Not as bad as the Isle of Bones though I’m sure :P I was killed once so I left.

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  3. Love the gun!!!! Guess I’d better level my archaeology!

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  4. I dug up that gun and the sword yesterday, too. That dig at the feeding pits stinks, and i would totally pass it up if it weren’t hiding another dig.

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    • Nice. I feel the same way about the dig. Luckily the spot disappeared when I deleted the locator.

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