Thunder Plunder

Look at what I found today while doing my dailies in Ihgaluk Crag – a Trove of the Thunder King. In true Cymre Jones fashion, I was eager to see what kind of treasures it held after such a new and unexpected discovery:

Thunder Plunder - 53,82


On occasion, they may also contain a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen which allows entry to the solo scenario.

To  clarify the drop rates on certain items, Bashiok has stated:

You can only obtain one Key to the Palace of Lei Shen (aka treasure room) from any creature on the island, including the Isle of Thunder Rare Elites. Once you’ve already looted one off of a creature, no more will drop from creatures for your character that week. Additional keys can potentially drop from other select sources, but are extremely rare and not something you can try to farm.

I’m not sure if these treasure troves are unique like the Lost and Found artifacts but it appears that you can only loot one per week (per character). I showed Coolidge where the one I looted was and could not see it when he went to loot it later.

Author: Cymre

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  1. I found one pretty early on the first day and haven’t seen another one since. I make sure I check the same spot (the only spawn I know of) just in case whenever I am in the area just by chance it might be there again but I do feel like they might be unique.

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    • I’d say your chances were really good that first day. Someone said they were able to loot two from the same spot though /shrug. I wonder if it was on different toons though?

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  2. That’s the same area I found mine in, must be a lucky trove spot. I keep forgetting to look for them while doing dailies but the one I found was so obvious it was hard to miss.

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    • I thought the same thing about mine – someone was running around the spot and didn’t seem to notice it (unless they had already looted it I suppose).

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  3. Oh lucky you hehe Gratz!! I’ve had one key thus far and it came from the last quest reward bag. I have found one of these troves just yet myself though.

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    • Grats and GL with finding one of the troves lying around. Did you try the scenario yet?

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  4. Whoa, congrats! That’s awesome :)

    I got my first key last night, but I wasn’t actually sure what it was for. I purposefully tried to avoid spoilers for the treasure room, so I can go in blind the first time. I’ll have to try it tonight!

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