Notes Post Patch 5.2

Notes Post Patch 5.2

So many things to do and no clones to do them. Oh well, I think I still did ok.

First off, we headed out to the Isle of Thunder, meeting up with Lor’themar and completing our dailies. We managed to kill one of the rares as well as summon up something. I was a little surprised to find both of the two new JC recipes from quest mobs though.

I also managed to locate and capture all four wild pets on the Isle, even though two had phasing issues but you’ll find the ‘Interact with target’ works a treat or ‘click to move’ once you locate one just outside the border of the area. One of the battles scored me a Flawless Battle-Stone as well.

Saurok illusion

One thing had me stumped though and that was taking over the farm. To begin, head over to Nana Mudclaw to pick up her quest – Inherit the Earth. Basically she wants Yoon to take her place on the Tillers council so you pass along her message. Once that’s done you can turn the quest in to Nana and head back to your farmhouse to find the Farmer’s Journal on the floor. This will allow you to set your hearth there (if you wish) but the house already acts as an inn (once you’re exalted with the Tillers and have all 16 plots available). You’ll also notice the mailbox name has changed (I think it should say Cymre’s Mailbox though).


The Beasts of Fable questline took a lot longer than I had anticipated to compile since I was doing the quest as I was writing it up so I really took my time with it. The Red Panda pet is so cute, just look at that face! I only hope the other three pets won’t be so hard to come by. However, I suspect they will be from previous experience.

Red Panda

In other news, due to the patch happening overnight, I missed out on doing my daily battle with Jeremy ‘the Weasel’ Feasel. When I caught up with him today, he still had no eye for me. I even did a few of the dailies at the Faire to try for the new hats but nada!

Galleon showed up later in the Valley so I managed to snag another kill and fished up some Golden Carp for a fishing quest. I even looted one of the bonus fish that Nat Pagle likes and helped fish up Krakkanon but he only dropped a stack of the local fish for me so I probably won’t do that again.


So how did your day fare? I hope it was eventful :)

Beasts of Fable

Beasts of Fable

Defeat the Elite Battle Pets of the Pandaren fables.

Before you head out to tackle these new foes, don’t forget to grab the Beasts of Fable quest from your Battle Pet Trainer – Gentle San at Shrine of Two Moons or Sara Finkleswitch at Shrine of Seven Stars. The quest only becomes available once Aki the Chosen has been defeated.

Have you ever read the great Pandaren book of fables? Pandaren pass these stories on to their cubs – stories of the cricket and the hawk, or the slow-moving turtle – to teach them lessons that they will find useful in life. What few cubs know is that these creatures exist, here, in Pandaria! Though the stories of their travels are made up, they are powerful denizens of this world. Should you happen upon them in your travels, you may test the might of your pets against their storied statures.

These Elites will be easy to spot due to their unique golden paw print (as opposed to the usual green). They will also be named with a golden elite dragon surrounding their portrait.

Things to note:

  • There are 10 Elite pets in total
  • You cannot capture an Elite Battle Pet
  • There is no bonus XP to be gained from using a levelling pet
  • If you lose or forfeit the match, the pet will respawn within seconds
  • These pets cannot be attacked or killed using player spells and abilities
  • These particular battles are coded so you will not be broken out of the battle by PVP

(Golden Civet)
Location: Head to the far SW corner of the Gate of the Setting Sun. Look of an umbrella chair, Vale of Eternal Blossoms – 10, 70
Level 25 Aquatic: Tail Slap, Dive, Beaver Dam

Location: Venomous Ledge, right on the cliff edge, Dread Wastes – 26, 50
Level 25 Critter: Spiked Skin, Scratch, Rip

Ti'un the Wanderer
Ti’un the Wanderer
Location: North-west of Gao-Ran Battlefront, Townlong Steppes – 72, 79
Level 25 Aquatic: Tidal Wave, Pump, Shell Shield

(Summit Kid)
Location: Find him overlooking Winter’s Blossom on a cliff, Kun-Lai Summit – 35.56
Level 25 Beast: Gnaw, Headbutt, Leap

Location: Next to the shoreline of Inkgill Mere, Kun-Lai Summit – 68,84
Level 25 Aquatic: Frost Breath, Whirlpool, Healing Wave

Lucky Yi
Lucky Yi
(Marsh Fiddler)
Location: A short distance from Wika-Wikia in The Heartland, Valley of the Four Winds – 40, 43
Level 25 Critter: Quick Attack, Perk Up, Uncanny Luck

Location: South of Darkhide under a tree in the Wild Plains, Between Stormstout Brewery and Nesingwary’s Safari, Valley of the Four Winds – 25, 78
Level 25 Beast: Trample, Hoof, Roar

Skitterer Xi'a
Skitterer Xi’a
(Water Strider)
Location: Along the eastern shoreline of Krasarang River up near Krasari Falls, Krasarang Wilds – 36, 37
Level 25 Aquatic: Skitter, Water Jet, Flurry

<The Midnight Plunderer> (Masked Tanuki)
Location: South of Sri-La Village by a cliff, The Jade Forest – 57, 29
Level 25 Critter: Rake, Prowl, Ravage

Ka'wi the Gorger
Ka’wi the Gorger
Location: At the base of a tree in Fox Grove, The Jade Forest – 48, 71
Level 25 Beast: Moth Balls, Super Sticky Goo, Chew

Since there are only three types of pets to battle (Critter, Beast and Aquatic), you can pretty much do these with three specific teams, although pets with high health with give you better mileage against the 4K+ epic pets.

Red Panda

Completing the quest rewards you with the Red Panda as well as the achievement – Fabled Pandaren Tamer while the daily version awards the Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies which may contain a Mountain Panda, Sunfur Panda, or a Snowy Panda as well as the usual items.

Good luck!

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