Day 1 – Pet Battles

As part of Navi’s Ten Days of Pet Battles, I wasn’t sure if I had anything new to contribute since a lot of it is already on the blog but it’s always nice to reminisce about the things you love, so here goes.

It’s been seven months since I first wrote about Pet Battles. My first beta post on the subject described my initial experiences with it since I didn’t learn the skill until it was reactivated for beta players. But it wasn’t long before the post morphed into the Pet Battle Guide you see today. So having the ability to see my very first revision of the post, you can read what it was really like for me (with added notes in italics).

Day 1:  Your first day pet battling.

Things are quite buggy on the beta right now.

  • Missing pets – not all pets were available through the character transfer. I ended up transferring Cymre over four times over the course of the beta.
  • Dead pets on challenge – This was one of the most aggravating bugs since you would start a battle and all your pets, inc. enemy pets would be dead as soon as you entered – like watching a mass suicide over and over. This was particularly annoying at the time as I was trying to capture a cheetah cub which was really hard to come by.
  • Pets phasing in and out – passing through the threshold of zones between Mulgore and Barrens thanks to CRZ’s.
  • Flagging when you change zones or go into same faction territory – At the time I thought it was odd as I would flag passing into Thunder Bluff.

I was excited the morning after the new patch, even though it was ~19GB of download goodness. I asked on Twitter if the Battle System still needed L90 to test and was told you only needed to be L5. Woot! I couldn’t wait for my DL to finish so I could test it.

I remember getting a kick out of seeing the name of the Trainer in Org. Even Matty couldn’t resist having a look when she noticed a spike in traffic.

So I headed outside the gates of Orgrimmar to find the first paw I could battle. I was so excited when I saw this little guy (although he was labelled a Creepy Crawly beforehand).

I mean, when do we ever get to see Harvesters in Horde zones? It brought be back to my early playing days, running around Westfall on my Night Elf/Human, so this was an unexpected surprise. I was so excited, I was just hoping I didn’t kill it from my choice of pets. Luckily I didn’t.

So this was the makeup of my original team. As you can see, I really only used my corehound as he was such a beast and demolished any opponent I went up against, including tamer pets.

I had such a blast that day, I couldn’t resist mentioning my first moonkin hatchling battle – I almost died laughing in my chair.

If you get a chance, battle your moonkin hatchling with a rat (or anything with stampede). It was the cutest thing, I couldn’t stop laughing. Stampede causes the moonkin to spin around (as it flaps its wings) which was adorable.

And from there, I was hooked.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Considering how cute their animation seem to be I might have to get me a moonkin hatchling. ^^

    And this blog tipic seems like fun, I’ll have to go have a look at Navi’s original post. :)

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    • I highly recommend the pet and having a go at the topic too :)

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  2. I have a hatchling but I’ve never really used it, I’ll have to level him to see that. I’m still trying to figure out what’s left to say for Navi’s Ten Days since I now seem to be all squeed out lol.

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    • I was in the same boat although I remembered that I deleted quite a few of my beta posts and the Battle Guide was rewritten a few times over so hopefully this is new for some people.

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  3. The moonkin is one of my favourite pets as he/she’s sooo cute! But weirdly I’ve never battled them… maybe they’re just too cute :)

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    • At the time I was just trying a few different pets to see what their abilities were like in battle. Too cute for words…

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  4. Yay for joining in! I have to try the moonkin battle thing – I hardly battle with mine.

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