Alliance Perks

Alliance Perks

When the replica sets came out for our old PVP titles, I was excited about mogging my beloved Rank 10 outfit. It’s been a while since I did that but even though I’m still levelling in Pandaria, I decided to get my old set out again to match my old Lieutenant Commander title.

Reins of the Golden King

Then in Cata, I was envious when I found out the Alliance would have such an awesome looking Guild perk at 25; so I did the next best thing and tamed Sambas on my hunter. Last year, I was able to purchase the Reins of the Golden King from the Guild I was in at the time but how nice does it look with my PVP set?

However, when I was going through my mount journal yesterday, I noticed something I had not expected. A while ago, Tome had written about her Operation: Shieldwall Grand Gryphon which looked so gorgeous, I was tempted to level my priest up just to do the same thing. But I thought I would have to level up my Shieldwall rep just to get that mount and the Grand Armored Gryphon as well. But guess what was waiting for me to get out and ride…

Grand Armored Gryphon

That’s right baby, no grinding necessary since I’m already exalted with the Horde equivalent! Woot!

Skyshards & Transformations

Skyshards & Transformations

It’s a little funny that I managed to get past exalted with the Golden Lotus and not see one Skyshard on my priest. Then a few months later, after getting honoured on my hunter, I still didn’t see any.

So when I decided to continue my rep grind with the faction on Tallys, I saw my first one out of the Treasures of the Vale. This gave me hope that I would see more if I continued to do the quests every day. With the Commendation boost, it helped me get to revered and exalted that much faster so I was surprised when a few days later I received a key and two Skyshards from two different mobs in the Vale.

Treasures of the Vale x1
Shao-Tien Reclaimer x1
Slateskin Troublemaker x1

In other news, I was able to try something new with Cool the other day…


If you like temporary transformations, this is a cute little addition. Just emote the adorable little panda cub by your Pandarian portal in your Capital City with a /hug, /love or /pat, the next time you’re there to receive a Magic Bamboo Shoot.

The illusion will last 10mins and allow you to cast spells but will lose the effect once you take damage (unless you use Ai-Li’s Skymirror). It’s also a conjured item so be sure to use it before you log out.

rocket bamboozled

This of course called for a road trip or should I say scenic flight…


until… CRZs kick in



Another side effect while running my daily dungeon


Smite apparitions!

Shit, I just remembered I forgot to do it on two of my toons today… still no mask and I won’t hold my breath for the mount but I’ll keep going until it’s over for another year.

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